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[Heir Forum - Ainz Ooal Gown] [95]


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Please dont let this collab be remembered as one of the worst collabs ever.
Do what must be done.


Probably one of the worst collab character ever, you pretty much ruined the most iconic character of the collab by trying so hard to be "lore accurate"


Ainz is one of the weirdest collab characters I've seen made. You've made his main thing be a bomb and stuns while in the anime he's a high damage mage. 15% cucks him hard right now.

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Pro Sims will be good if s3 ignore resistance (just the debuff), and S2 remove the extra damage he receives he is already a mage and not much of a tank 

B tem q ser únicos e roubados mesmo afinal são limitados

Make his s3 ignore effectres no 15℅ and seriously? WTF is that s2 getting slap easier by light unit is that a racist bc he is dark unit? I know it lore accurate but it not fun to play mine build 20khp 220spd but get send back to undertale by s2 adin she not even had atk buff

Removing his weakness to 15% would definitely be what he needs

him out as well as modifying his s2 to incorporate more survivability.

The overall kit design is very good and I like some lore-related details but you've mixed a bit too much flaws in there:

1) His S3 is main issue, the 15% completely ruins him. Straight up, make Death Sentence(DS) ignore resist like Lethe's omen. I'm fine with strip and silence being resistable but DS should be applied regardless if target resisted strip or had immunity.

2) His S2 needs some changes. My suggestions are to make his aoe barrier scale with hero level; instead of counter give him additional self-buffs like the defense, imun and skill nullifier. This will make him more lore accurate (since he puts tons of buffs to himself) and help to balance the the S2 negative effect against light heroes

3) Change S1. In current meta aoe S1 does more harm to him. Most popular light heroes like Landy and Adin will straight up murder him and team members for that. So maybe add "cannot be countered" and change stun to something else. So that it won't be too broken paired with uncounterable

Buff please 😭🤌

He's a Free unit. He doesn't need to be buffed. Just let these power fantasy ******* children cry. The only way they will be happy is if ainz is buffed to the point he becomes super strong.

if you like free trash you can have mine, every other day i throw it away, its free man, all yours!

Actual brain dead take.

Adin is free and broken. Scarowell is free and a beast. A lot of easily accessed units are excellent in at least 1 area of the game.  Ainz is useless in his current form. 

Free collab units that shine in their niche: Ram - banshee 1-shot and general pve nuke. Sol - his kit is actually nasty now, can be used in several niches. Shuna is very good in RTA. The only one that hasn't needed a buff to be viable is Ram. So the free unit being bad is common. But they fix it eventually. Why not just fix it while the collab units are fresh and people are still using them. 

Because other than high end players making Albedo work,  you won't see any of these units in a month. Even Shalltear just doesn't perform well enough to keep her in your active roster

Reduce damage by 20% except for light attributes, immune to poison, severe poison, and S3 usage ignores 100% resistance with 1 soul. No need for extinction. Is this okay? Please.

An S3 that can be resisted when Ainz has to suffer 30% increase damage taken from light units from his S2 is already pretty bad. Than having to rely on a 25% chance for our opponent to give us a barrier that even an elson can probably still one shot too? It's just disrespectful to the Overlord franchise know? You deserve better King 😢🙏👑

Ains, good ML but stats and set skills don't have synergy.

Personally just make him like he is in lore. Bad in PVP, but a God in PVE

Ainz wasn't bad at pvp though? He crushed several big characters in 1 v 1 or even 3 v 1

hes unusable in every content because his ult can be resisted  pvp,pve,gw

This char is a meme which ***** if you like the show. I think you might as well keep him as a meme and buff him with some fun skills to make him more meme-able. Make him immune to sleep and stun. Give him an s2 move that skips turn so he doesnt have to trigger 15 counters. Give him random buffs each turn and random debuffs on s1, that will be fun.

S1 Fine

S2 Effect Resistance is increased by 30% This effect is doubled when the caster has a buff. Increases damage suffered from Light Elemental enemies by 20%; this effect is halved when the caster has a buff. When an ally is attacked, has a 50% chance to activate Mana Barrier. Mana Barrier can only be activated once every 3 turns.

Mana Barrier: Dispels one debuff from each ally before granting a barrier to all allies for 2 turns, and the caster adopts a counterattacking stance and increases defense for 2 turns. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's max Health. 

S3 Ignores effect resistance. Dispels all buffs from the target before silencing for 1 turn and 100% chance to inflict Death Sentence. This skill is unaffected by cooldown increase or decrease effects.

Death Sentence: At the start of someone's 12th turn, deals 50,000 fixed damage to the bearer. Ignores damage sharing effects.

Make his s3 never fail and I will be happy.

Ignore resist and maybe a extinction on S3.

SG necesita eliminar el 15% de resistencia absoluta y optimizar la relación eficacia/resistencia a efectos (por favor, por lo menos lo primero para pve, estoy harto de perder en la raid por qué no puedo meterle dispell a la reina o el defbreak a karkanis porque salta más el 15% que el 50%+ 45% de la s1 de lua + artefacto de elphelt antes que me oneshotee)

lore accurate the goal of all life is death would inflict instant death and extinction on all enemies... at least keep the extinction. Plus his death sentence looks like Lethe's omen in game, but death sentence can be resisted while omen cannot. Why? If that is to be the case, then Ainz being defeated in battle should not remove death sentence. Keep your buffs and debuffs consistent would you? If you want his s1 to stun, then s2 should give a speed buff or effectiveness buff, instead of a counter buff.

Most depressing Collab units that ironically have the most recognized fan base. Whenever these buffs happen,do make them as timeless essentials without heavily relying on a niche 

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