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Game Tips

[OVERLORD] Tips & Strategy Sharing Event [1]

求勾搭 / Global

Try to maximize your energies efficiently for the Overlord gear farming event by getting as much event artifact as possible, this way you'll get the most points out of your energy. 

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GlaxoPfizer / Global

As background, I will mention that I have been playing about 1 year, so my gear is moderately okay, but not great.  I initially had trouble getting very far farming this event.  The primary trick, I eventually figured out, is to Memory Imprint Ainz as the top priority.  This makes you be able to get through level 3 reliably and then even level 4.  However, for the 2nd week, even that was not enough.  To farm level 4 reliability, I had to pull Shalltear, and that made the runs go at 100% success rate.  Still, remembering that imprinting Ainz is the priority!  Good luck!

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