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Game Tips

[OVERLORD] Overlord Side Story Tips

Hello Heirs!

RazorGT25 / Global / Get Ainz through the side story, if you can pull for Albedo in this week and get the artefact much better (alternative you can buy her artifact with powders in the shop)
Fight for side story, you can use:

-> Ainz / Make him quickly so can he cycle his S3 and put his own artifact

Albedo/any Knight / put your knight in the front with high HP (If you use Albedo make sure have SPD so she can take turns to help Ainz S3 countdown) put 3F artefact

You can go Rem (Mercedes is a good alternative) on rage/destruction set high damage with "our beautiful season" artefact and Camilla with "Benimaru's Tachi" artefact (alternative you can use Camilla Skill on and Durandal or any artifact help her cycle fast to keep S2)

(Turn off Albedo and Camilla ability of you have the combo with Camilla with Benimaru)

With this team you can easily make runs about 2/3 minutes if you have good gear for your DPS

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작성 시간 04.24.2024

SirLongtree / Europe / Albedo as anti-cleave unit in rta

2024.04.24 00:09
작성 시간 04.23.2024

4V3K41 / Global / Ainz and Albedo

2024.04.23 21:32
작성 시간 04.23.2024

Overlord Side Story Tips

2024.04.23 19:17
작성 시간 04.23.2024

What to do with Ainz and Albedo?

2024.04.23 19:09
작성 시간 04.23.2024

You only need Ainz to farm the event

2024.04.23 18:04