Fastest clearing tips for Overlord side story
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Game Tips

[OVERLORD] Fastest clearing tips for Overlord side story

Hello everyone, 

This is Elmondo / Global,


I found the fastest way to clear this event by using Ainz-sama! 

Is to have a fast team with extra turns capabilities, such as Ran, Nahkhwol and many others. 

It's good to use units that strip buff and have def break to make your runs faster 

For your damage, use someone with Aoe dps such as SSB.

But on the other hand it's important to not use units that reduce combat readiness or have a slow in their kit

You don't really need a healer, but if you do, use Tama or someone give atk buff or help your damage such as Ainos 2.0. 

for a really fast run use Albedo, the way she spready Ainz's death sentence helps out. 

But for a really fast run, use Laia, she makes this run so much faster.

In summary, 

A team comp like Ainz + Ran + Albedo + Laia is the fastest in my opinion. 

Have Fun!

Elmondo / Global

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