How to use Ainz and Albedo
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Game Tips

[OVERLORD] How to use Ainz and Albedo

snusnu/ Asia

There are various ways to use Ainz and Albedo in each of the game modes:


1. Side story gear Farming

Most important is farming side stories. Ideally you have both Ainz and Albedo and their artifacts. You'll be able to clear stage 4 easily with both and Ainz at S imprint. You can shave some time by throwing in a DPS (skills turned off) if you have yet to obtain Ainz' S imprint. Albedo's artifact is not needed. Fastest clear would include the two, Camilla on Benimaru's Tachi and Rem with skills on.

2. Abyss

You will be able to use Ainz to cheese some floors of abyss if you don't have gear to clear. Just throw in some tanks and Arky and try to survive. Most likely useful till around 100 floors

3. Expedition

You can use albedo as a front line tank for water expedition. Although 3F is BIS, you can also use aurius or any mitigation artifact.

4. Nightmare Raid

You can also use Albedo in nightmare Raid for Juleeve Council boss since you just need 4 greens. That said, there might be better options that provide cleansing, so it's more useful when you don't have enough green cleansers and or need survivability

5. Hunts

You can use Albedo and auto Banshee alongside destina and any green DPS like Midnight Gala Lilias or Zahak. Ainz and Albedo can also be used together to auto farm golem. 


6. GW

Ainz can be used in GW if you would like to live dangerously (ahem 15%) but it could be viable with mitigation and healer/cleanser against some tanky or turn based units (Ae-Karina, Urban Shadow Choux). Just make sure to keep Ainz alive and don't run him into light units.

7. Flag Arena

Albedo is great against Ae-Karina comps and as a replacement mitigation knight. Ainz is great against comps that focuses on a "protect the carry" strategy that spam healers and tanks. You can use diene or other soul weavers to cycle turns for Ainz and knights to mitigate damage for Ainz to stay alive

8. World Arena

Albedo is a premium anti-cleave knight. Pick her when you see a Ran cleave and ML Landy/ ML Yufine pre-banned (it means they don't want counters). You can pick her alongside Edward or green carmin so that the combined counter attack will wipe those pesky cleaving squishes

Ainz is the opposite, and you can last pick him against solo DPS carry comps. Just make sure to pray to 15% god and bring lots of mit as well. Don't bring him into Saviour Adin and Navy Captain Landy.

At the end of the day, Ainz is free and you can pull Albedo even if she's completely useless since she's waifu. That said, happy farming all!

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