Ainz's Real Skill Descriptions
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General Discussion

Ainz's Real Skill Descriptions [5]

Ainz Ooal Gown might be the weakest free hero ever. Weaker than the four stars you get to start with or any hero you can unlock via connections and easily the weakest event hero.

Here are the REAL skill Descriptions for this "5 Star" Hero.

Lightening of Judgement (S1):

Attacks all enemies with a 60% chance to proc Elbris Ritual Sword and a 75% chance to only do mediocre damage.

Overlord of Death (S2):

Increase Damage from Light heroes by 30% (LOL). When an ally is attacked, up to 35% chance to provide a tiny barrier. Can only happen once every 3 turns

The Goal of All Life is Death (S3):

Dispells all buffs from the enemy and silences them for 1 turn (3 turn cooldown). (PVE bosses immune)

I have no idea who designed this hero but this is one of those "do you play your game" moments. This hero has no s3 in pve, can't stun bosses and deals no damage.  In pvp he's literally hard countered by everything.

PvP Counters:

- Any hard counter to counter attack

- Any hard counter to non-attack skills (compounded by not being able to choose when it happens because it is a passive)

- Any hard counter to high hit point heroes

- Any hard counter to ML Dark Heroes not to mention a blanket 30% damage buff to ANY light hero.

- Immunity buff

Some simple ideas to make Ainz PLAYABLE

Lightening of Judgement (S1):

If Ainz isnt going to deal damage then his S1 needs to strip buffs with a chance to stun.  Id say a 100% chance to reduce buff count by 1 and a 30% chance to stun. The S1 should NOT proc counterattacks and can't proc dual attack

Overlord of Death (S2):

Remove damage increase from light heroes. Increase barrier amount and tie it to hero lvl to open up different ways to build this hero. Have this hero remove 2 debuffs when an ally is attacked and then give barrier and counterattack buff. 

The Goal of All Life is Death (S3):

in addition  to current description he should give himself an the ally with the highest attack anti-crit and increase defense buffs.

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Ainz is disappointing, it doesn't make sense the kit. He feeds Yufine, Lermia, Biblis with the counterattack, dies easily to any hero of light. The hero doesn't deal damage. unlike Aria who punishes the opponent when she has a counter attack buff Ainz doesn't do anything, my suggestion would be:

S1 - Damage proportional to defense (keep burning on S1)
S2 - Reduce the damage of light element heroes by 30% and buff normally with defense-based barrier
S3 - Ignore resistance and take an extra turn.

After all, we're talking about Over Lord.

Without that it's disappointing. Curse.

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Multiple heroes have been nerfed in the past.  Why would now be any different?  If you gave light weakness to any of those dark tanks you men above they would be useless.  Light weakness is dumb.  Especially since there are multiple light heroes who already do extra damage to dark heroes.  

I put him in rta use S3 2 time but death can’t proc .it not like 15% to resist but like 50%50 chance my ainz eff 96 resist 180 can’t put death sentence on choux head and got stun by arovel :( 

My Ainz is 200 Eff and seems to get resisted way too often as well.  15% to resist does feel more like 50% in PvP.

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