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General Discussion


General Discussion

Albedo.... [8]

She could really use some form of buff. After SSSing her and +30ing her Artifact I can indeed see why people say "roll for the artifact and not for her". I personally rolled cause it's Albedo, she's my absolute favorite character of that franchise so I have no real remorse but for a collab character I can see why so many people find her dissapointing in the kit department. (While Ainz is also dissapointing, he's free.)

Like some of my guildies said, right now she is a "bargain bin" version of Carmin with def break.

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The only people claiming she is good are people who only listen to streamers. She's not bad but remember SHE IS A COLLAB CHARACTER, but she isn't good enough to be one if she was a regular RGB everyone would rag on her for being bad. We don't want her to be OP top of the meta we want her to at least be good in the current meta she can fall off later that's fine but she has straight up fallen off the meta on release.

people watch content creators like I'm tsu and cope that albedo is good. imo if you need to make all the calculations for a collab unit to make it look good, then its not good. aint nobody doing calculation for jenua or lrk lol to prove that they are good. she genuinely needs a buff. she's just a basic tank. i will save my molas instead investing on her. her s2 counter is once every 3 turns like why? the extra dmg based on hp needs to be buffed since it cant be buffed like defense, atk with buffs  and frenzy does reduce the hp, they really reduced the extra dmg since it can work on aoe as well. back then every1 thought mort will be meta after seeing his pv but he wasnt after release. 

She dont had  zone in team

She is very decent, not that bad like people said

Please enlighten us and tell us how she is decent?

Yes please enlighten because I have to be genuinely concerned 

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Rengo997xVTI'm using her very often in Champion RTA, good in the right situation, obviously cannot spam slot 1 like all of you love to do , good into a Karina, decent vs Adin, useful in anti-cleaving and do good damage (you guys complain about an AOE does 4k from a knight, that shows how you guys are really greedy). She has some natural counter like Jenua, Lilias, Choux, DDR obviously, but any high HP units do as well so don't cry too much :D For Jenua and Lilias she can also survive cause of her passive

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