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[WinnersAnnouncement] <pixiv> Epic Seven Illustration Contest Round 3 Winners Announcement [23]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!


Round 3 of the <pixiv> Epic Seven Illustration Contest!

The Epic Seven Illustration Contest, which ran from 1/26 (Fri) to 3/10 (Sun), has come to a close.

Thanks to the participation and interest of many Heirs, we were able to encounter a truly diverse range of artworks!


We sincerely thank everyone who participated in this contest, and now we're excited to announce the winners of the Epic Seven Illustration Contest Round 3!

Let’s take a look at the winners!


You can check the winning entries not only in this announcement but also on the separate <Epic Seven Illustration Contest> results page provided on pixiv.

 <pixiv> Epic Seven Illustration Contest  Winners Announcement (Link)

■ New Costumes 

 Grand Prize (1 Heir)

- Reward: About 5,000,000 Won (500,000 Yen) Additionally, the winning illustration will be featured as a new Hero in Epic Seven.

- Winners Announcement: 2SHAM

Epic Seven Prize (10 Heirs)

- Reward: About 500,000 Won (50,000 Yen)








To another line




■ Fan Art 

Grand Prize (1 Heir)

- Reward: About 5,000,000 Won (500 Yen)  Additionally, the winning illustration will be featured as a title screen of Epic Seven. 

- Winners: 八伝

Epic Seven Prize (10 Heirs)

- Reward: About 500,000 Won (50,000 Yen)







Len Pt






You can also check the winning entries of the Epic Seven Illustration Contest Round 3 through the Epic Seven Fan Art Page, where selected artworks from past Epic Seven fan art contests are gathered.

▶ Epic Seven Fan Art Page (Link)



※ <pixiv> Epic Seven Illustration Contest Round 3 Winners Announcement

- Fan Art Grand Prize: When adjusting the illustration for the title screen, depending on the resolution of the device, the top, bottom, left, or right parts may be cut off or may not display properly.

- New Costume Grand Prize: The illustration may be modified and reprocessed to meet in-game story details and ESRB Ratings.  In this case, the design, coloring, and composition or settings may change significantly compared to the original illustration.

- When the Grand Prize artworks in the Fan Art and New Costumes categories are ready to be implemented into the game, we will make an announcement through the update notice. 

- We ask you not to delete or change the posting to private after winning the award.

- The winning illustrations will be introduced via a separate pixiv notice or special page.

- All award-winning works can be used for publication, merchandise, printings, marketing, etc. related to Epic Seven, and will be uploaded on the official social media accounts and on the STOVE community.

- The actual prize money will be rewarded based on Japanese Yen.  (Grand Prize: 500,000 Yen, Epic Seven Prize: 50,000 Yen)

- If you participated in the event from outside of Japan and were selected as a winner, it is possible to deposit your prize into an overseas account. However, please note that due to remittance fees and other associated charges, the actual amount of prize money received may differ from the stated amounts mentioned above.



Congratulations to all the winners!  

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the Heirs who participated in the Epic Seven Illustration Contest Round 3. 

We assure you that there will be more exciting events and competitions in the future, so stay tuned for more fun-filled adventures in Epic Seven!  


Thank you.


 <pixiv> Epic Seven Illustration Contest Notice 

▶ Epic Seven Illustration Contest Entries

▶ pixiv <Epic Seven Illustration Contest> Winners Announcement

Post 23
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I don't think people pointing out this artwork is AI are entirely wrong. I was curious so i took a stroll down his pixiv and it seems he just MAY indeed be using AI in other artworks as well, i've attached an example below.

I hope SG will take a look into this case as they've been doing with margeurite


Hello, i'm who Design Last snow Luna.

I want to say thank you every one.

i'm not artist, i'm just a player, I'm kinda proud with it but i can't be here without you guys.

it has been long journey and i will continue . see you  later next year ( well, if it still happen).

Alencia was the best for me >:(

not a single male lol

side note, the flan contest winner is likely AI after looking at it closer - this could just be some minor mistakes but there's similar inconsistencies on their other artworks

Good art

very lame and boring design

Great choice for the winner, looking forward to it!

Thank you to all the artists for all the great art!  

Awesome, looking forward to seeing what this Flan can do. Congratulations to all the winners.

Looking good x3 remember Summer Pavel too :333! x

All the art looks "Epic"

Congrats for the winner.

I really love that spider Yulha.

Every day I wake up and read stove and am thankful my parents weren't siblings.

these contests are always rigged. dunno why they keep making these contests to make new limiteds when there are already limiteds that are yet to be released like e5 limited, kid senya and upcoming summer limited. i really hope they're not gonna run another train of limiteds like last year

1st contest winner = Tenebria = ep.1 character

2nd contest winner = Lilias = ep.2 character

3rd contest winner = Flan = ep.3 character

4th contest winner = ????

As above information I think that is why Peira or character that is not from ep.3 didn't get the 1st place. Maybe I'm wrong but next year you can try to draw ep.4 character for the contest. I will wait for it if this theory is correct or not.

People here seem to be misunderstanding how the E7 art contest works. Most likes or upvoted doesn't automatically guarantee your win. It simply helps it get highlighted. The art contest isn't determined by a popularity vote.

I'm sorry if people get offended by me stating the facts.

I was hoping for this Luna to win... Luna deserve something new.

How did the Piera art not even place? It had more votes!


The Flan was pretty but so generic (Even Sherlock Flan felt more creative). The Piera art was much more unique and interesting and a cooler design.

Can they explain what the criteria is for winning because im really confused now how they choose when even Pixiv votes don't matter.

w** really? Having better designs, has won an AI ?  does not even resemble the character .

these efforts were in vain ?



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