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Buff Albedo


Almost every collab you as developers, gave these heroes bad multiplier. Whats the point, you do collab, give bad kit + thrash multiplier. Its kinda missing the opportunity to make more money and bad decision.

As example, 

Albedo got niche kit, HP scaling is low for a bruiser, and also niche to build as tank.

Its not going to hurt to buff her HP scaling for skill 1 and 2 to make her more useable and threat to cleave team.

Tbh, most of heroes got thrash multiplier anyways and need buff, but got ignored throughout the years, no improvement has been made. 

Stop keep making unnecessary changes to UI, almost every patch note got them. But, things like too much RNG in gear system and drop rate got no change. While they are the most problematic issue need to be improved.

Of course E7 run normally, but stop making improvement to the "core issues" is your main problem as developer. Game already ran more than 6 years, and when was the last time you address too much RNG in gear system and drop rate?? Ask yourself.

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