Side Story Event Tips (Units/Teams/Efficiency)
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[OVERLORD] Side Story Event Tips (Units/Teams/Efficiency) [1]


So you want to get the most out of the Overlord collab side story? In this guide I'll go over different team copositions as well as tips to get the most out of the event.

Units proposals:

Using Ainz is a must for this side story as his s3 is able to land on the boss while ignoring effect resistance. 

Albedo is a really good unit to use here as well. Her gimmick makes it so that if the boss has Death Sentence (debuff given by Ainz's s3) it also applies to all Luminous Skorpion as well if used on a single attack (so her s2 will not work for this specific gimmick).

Landy is a unit that can give speed buff as well as combat readiness increase for your whole team while also providing additionnal damage. She can wear the Bloodstone (allowing you to heal if need be) artifact if you're struggling with the incoming damage.

Seaside Bellona with her infamous s2 will bring defense break, additional damage and potential heals if on the Bloodstone artifact.

Rem can counter everytime one of her allies is hit, she can decrease debuff duration on the boss and brings good damage as well as defense break that will ignore effect resistance if landed.

Bomb Model Kanna will act as a budget Landy for those who happen to not have her. Same principles applies except she will not bring any combat readiness increase to your team so you will need to be faster on all your units. However she can dispel one buff with her s3 and can increase her dual attack chance thanks to her passive which could bring you some healing if on Bloodstone. Her first or second exlusive equipment can also bring additional help depending one the one you choose.

General Purrgis for those of you who could not pull for Albedo is really good as he can act as a tank giving attack buff to the team and constant combat readiness increase thanks to his passive. I would recommend the second exlusive equipment to cycle as much as possible.

Camila can bring constant dual attack chances with your highest attack unit applying a defense break for them if need be. The only downside to using her is you need Benimaru's Tachi artifact (+30) in order for her to work in this situation.

Schuri would be a standard damage dealer giving you combat readiness increase and potential heals paired with Bloodstone once again.

I could go on and on with more units but with that you can basically see the big picture: Combat readiness increase is very good, additional damage brought by a unit other than Ainz with his s3 and defense breaks. I would recommend still going for some damage on every single one of your units to make the run clear faster but that isn't a must. The faster your units are, the better, but keep in mind the other stats. In the case of Ainz and Albedo, they will be 6* awakened and fully maxed out in the side story so you just need a decent amount of speed on Ainz and a good amount of bulk on your Albedo (watch for the pieces themselves and not the stats shown in the hero profile as it will not reflect the stats in the runs).

Team compositions proposals:

Camila (skills off) + Rem (W13 one shot build) + Ainz + Albedo

Schuri (Bloodstone) +  any fast DPS that can take a hit + Ainz + Albedo

General Purrgis + Landy (Bloodstone) + Rem (W13 one shot build) + Ainz

General Purrgis + DPS combat readiness pusher +  Defense breaker (ideally that can also deal damage) + Ainz

Rem (W13 one shot build) + Seaside Bellona (W13 one shot build) + Albedo + Ainz

Tammarine + DPS combat readiness pusher + General Purrgis + Ainz

Once again, there is way too many potential team combinaison that can help you clear and auto-battle the stages so I will stop there.

Efficiency tips:

To get the most of of this event, get all of Ainz's artifact that are currently optainable.

Clear stage 5 only after having all of them.

Ask your guild to buy all the daily energy possible.

If you have 3F (Albedo's artifact), put it on someone on the team if possible.

If you're low on ressources, choose between focusing on the part 1 (Destruction, Immunity and Health set) or the part 2 (Penetration, Speed, Crit set). Save all your leifs and mail energy if you would like to put more into the latter part.

Never go above the 154 limit of energy when claiming your mail energy (min-maxing here, you can if you want).

Find the fastest team you can put up and use it, see if it's fast enough to your liking and if not, try to see if you can do better.

Always claim what is going to give you the higher amount of currency before buying equipment. 

Use your side story pet with the increase currency rates.

Participate in all events on STOVE that gives leifs, 2 leifs could make the difference.

That is all for now, thank you, and have fun.

Maxny / Europe

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