How to counter ML politis in arena
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General Discussion

How to counter ML politis in arena [3]

Can anyone share some comps you can beat Ml politis in arena reliably ?With speed RNG i cant outspeed her sometimes while atywin destroy me going slower. No Taeyou if you can cause i dont have him

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Mawerik, Abigail, Jenua,and that green tank lady which her ulti  is summoning blocks then explode. Totally forgot her name

You can use ml khawerick or ml chloe for cleanse, I use rohana as earth tank for jenua, she will help a bit with the dual attacks as well (good thing jenua cant use that extra attack when its not his turn). As dps I like to use ml bellona, despite her being hurt by ml politis passive, she is still a viable dps imo.

Or you can use a dps that doesnt rely in fighting spirit. shalltear will be a good option when released as well.

It's depend on her allies but surely 95%+ Jenua. Without speed fight, I use Aria, Maid Chloe and C.Armin.

Maid : SPD+immunity with 200+ RES / Shimada staff

Aria : Life steal with high RES (make sure S1 ML Politis not dispel her buff) / SPD 170+

C.Armin : barrier+immunity with 100+ RES (better 150+) / SPD 160+ (slowest in the team) / Aurius

ML Politis can out speed 150-160 SPD unit. So C.Armin better use S3 before she S1 and dual with AOE attack like Belian / Candy or A.Yufine and make your barrier+stealth gone. This team can fight with most Politis comp, Maid with immunity can survive A.Tywin S3 and clean team debuff.

For 4th member : if encounter A.Yufine or tanky earth unit, you can use Lethe to deal with them. Without specific encounter, I use Rem to help S2 AOE counter while enemies target Aria.


Many players also use Celine S2 and Politis S2 + F.Tenebia AF to kill Jenua but Politis still has 15% RNG not dispel immortality.

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