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Game Tips

[OVERLORD] [OVERLORD] Tips for New Players [2]

Monopoly / Global

Everyone already knows that Ainz and Albedo are required to farm stage 4 and 5. But not many people expanded on how to use them, especially for newer players. 

For stats, Ains just needs speed and some bulk (HP/def) to ensure he stays alive and can cycle his S3. Albedo just needs bulk and that’s really much it. 

Newer players who don’t have access to many heroes should just pair these two with a healer and another support with barrier, heals, or extra turns. I’d recommend Tamarinne as she can CR push and cycle Ainz faster, and Brieg since he has both a barrier and an extra turn. The key is to keep Ainz alive and to cycle him fast. You won’t be clearing stage 4 in 60 seconds (probably closer to 3-4 minutes), but at least you’ll be clearing it 100%.

For newer players who have access to more characters or are luckily geared well, something like SSB and Mellon could work to kill the adds really quickly. This procs the curse which does 12.5K fixed damage to the boss. This strategy will shave down your clear times if time is an issue for you.

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What is SSB and Mellon?


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