[Overlord] Side story Not-so-short Guide (By Miyurin / Global)
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Game Tips


Game Tips

[OVERLORD] [Overlord] Side story Not-so-short Guide (By Miyurin / Global)

Disclaimer: This guide was written on day 1 of the event. While most of the broad guide lines should be consistent throughout week 2 new stage map, some inconsistencies will be edited out as new content is released. Also the default image is drawn by k-suwabe (source: <https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/117580795>) in case it is included.

Glossary: LB = Limit Break. Week 1 Currency = Detailed Instructions. Week 2 Currency = Compass of Mistrust. ER= Effect Resistance. TBA = To be Announced.

TL;DR: Similar to last year Lethe and Summer Luluca event but the story is less painful to speedrun through.

1) Regarding the side story itself:

- Split into 4 section: Story, Imprints (Overlord's Force), Exchange (Orbis Treasury), Event map (Sandstorm Desert and the week 2 side story)

- Story: Typical story content, you can reread after if you choose to skip through. There are some mandatory fights which are faster if you turn Ainz' skill off. 

- Imprints: Has 6 stages (with the last one being a freebie of the event i88 gear). The first 3 cost 500/700/800 week 1 currency (Detailed Instructions) while the latter 2 cost 900 and 1100 week 2 currency (Compass of Mistrust).

- Exchange: Split into 2 shops

+ Week 1 shop (only use Detailed Instructions): 30 items 100 currency each. Unlimited gear exchange (Randomized EPIC tier equipment only with 3 sets: Destruction, Health and Immunity.

+ Week 2 shop (only use Compass of Mistrust): 30 items 100 currency each. Unlimited gear exchange (Randomized EPIC tier equipment only with 3 sets: Speed, Crit, Penetration.

+ Exchange Guide: All of these are my recommendation for "optimal" expenditure. Your account your choice.

......Step 1: Finish week 1 Imprint exchanges (up to the 700 currency for A imprint Ainz). 

......Step 2: Exchange 100 currency items until you get BOTH of Ainz artifact in there and LB your copy for maximum currency gain.

......Step 3: If week 2 not opened yet, farm as you please. If it is opened, farm week 2 currency until you get all the artifact copies in the week 2 exchange shop before you farm for whatever else you want.

......Note: Remember that week 1 and 2 uses completely different currency and have a different sets that they can drop, prioritize your needs.

......P.S: As SG, in their infinite wisdom, locked the MLB artifact behind an RNG/time gate if you didn't luck it out during week 2, please submit feedback to them in any way you can on social media for them to rectify this going forward. 

- Artifacts Currency bonus: Ainz' artifact gives 5-20% bonus currency based on LB for both stages (both currency boost). However, Albedo's artifact "3F" gives +10% at 0LB and up to +40% at MLB bonus currency ONLY for "Sandstorm Desert" stages. It is stated that Shalltear artifact "Pipette Lance" will be the same (10-40% currency) but ONLY for her stages that will be unlocked on week 2 of the event.

2) Event Maps:

- Ainz is a must-use for both stages. With his lead hero buff, you do not need to level, promote, skill enhance or awaken him whatsoever. One important note is: You do NOT need any effectiveness on him whatsoever, he ignore ER completely. Other details will be included in his section down below.

- Week 1 Guide: (Boss have 50% ER)

+ Albedo (Luxury): Same as Ainz, with their lead hero buff, they function out of the box for this. For Albedo, she essentially do 45k fixed damage to the boss via adds death, she should be front slot to tank and she has +50% max hp and effectiveness from stage buff hence no eff in build required.

+ Couple of ideal units: General Purrgis, Lone Crescent Bellona, Seaside Bellona, Navy Captain Landy, Abyssal Yufine, Mercedes, Rem, etc

+ Fastest comp involves a fast Ainz coupled with Albedo to kill the ads in a sufficiently fast manner followed with Camilla + Rem Demon Mode S1 to finish off the boss before it resummon.

+ Intended solution is just a lot of AoE damage to take advantage of Albedo's stage buff by killing the adds every cycle. 

+ Non-Albedo team: General Purrgis is the ideal substitute tank other than that, you want a lot of cycle Schuri, Tama, Taranor Guard or Dual Attacks with said units e.g Kitty, Camilla with the main goal of cycling your Ainz as much as you can. You do not need to pay attention to sustain or bulk too much as Ainz will cover that by himself all the same. Edit: Ainz S3 cannot be cd reduced so he should just hold his own artifact for currency boost.

+ Reminder that Scorpetra is immune to max hp% damage (e.g DDJ, CLorina/Bellona S1) and buff steal/copy so Rimuru isn't too ideal without buffers of your own. I'm sure there are a couple of team ideas from youtube content creators if you want detailed functional teams that you can plug and play.

- Week 2 Guide: (Boss have 50% ER)

+ The fastest comp involves a base speed Ainz, fast ignore defense nukers (Gala, Jenua) to kill off the Crystal before Ainz moves. Shalltear mandatory due to her connection buff.

+ Couple of unit suggestions: SAnge, Camilla (mandatory Tachi), SPPoli (mainly for Jenua activation), Cidd, Gala, Jenua, LCB, LQC, SAdin, etc

+ Intended solution is just let Ainz DS both the adds and the boss until they die. CR cycle comp works just as before.

+ Non-Shalltear team: Not much different from last week barring slower DS stacking, you can also still kill the crystal/boss with defense penetrating or high damage nukers. Rem doesn't work anymore due to the crystal not dying and the boss being immune to def break.

+ Reminder that both the crystal and the boss has +100% hit chance, meaning SAdin or other evasion units cannot evade. On top of that, the boss is immune to max hp% damage, decrease defense, speed and poison, cannot be decrease CR. Plan your units accordingly.

Note: The event maps do not give any exp or friendship. 

3) About Ainz Ooal Gown and his artifact:
- He's this side story's "free" welfare character and his artifact "Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown" are both obtainable from the story section of the side story.
- The image below is mine. He does not to be that fast, I just use whatever unequipped gears to make him fast, he does not need to do damage either but if he can, that's fine, HP good, but speed more important. In effect he has around 10.5k hp.

- His artifact is mainly for his use only even in other content. It's a stat stick through and through. You use it here because currency boost FTW.

- A friend of mine likened him to a Dizzy with a win-con and yea, I agree with them. He is prone to being 15%'d on his S3 due to no ignore ER soul burn on S3. But he can cycle decently well with his 4t cd S3 (at least in Guild War). But with how many light units existing, his use-case seems a bit limited.

4) About Albedo and her artifact:

- Typical utility knight. Since her S2 counter on ally being hit (note: same as SAdin S2 which is disabled by seal, bind and Alena S2), I think she's best on counter set. Her S3 is the carbon copy of Iseria's S3 but with hp scaling. She doesn't look like a winner of the collab by any means but can be a decent unit in a different meta (not in the current aggro centric high speed high damage meta).

- Her artifact does not have any caveat on proc (unlike Spear of a New Dawn or Rocket Punch Gaunlet), just any attacks hence AoEs get even more value out of it. Belian is the prime case I have in mind and 30k hp Senya.

5) About Shalltear and her artifact:

- Another damage limit dps but this time with stealth and self attack buff, I'd liken her as warrior classed AColi with damage limit. Her S3 is a really good nuke with 3 turns cd making it has high uptime and since it basically guaranteed buff strips on 99% of the roster, its main limiting factor is other types of damage mitigations (aurius, DR, damage limit and stealth). Her S1 gives her a good answer into HP scalers so she has a good match up against a lot of the current meta units. I'd say she's the winner of the collab for sure, plenty fitting in this aggro centric meta as a stealth dps to counter other DPS. However, 30% crit into Candy might not be a match up for her tho.

- Her artifact is great. Like how Sigurd is just good or how Golden Rose follow it to be great. Her artifact benefits units such as MAKen and Rimuru are my prime cases, LCB (Sigurd better imo), Choux, Shoux (HP arti better) to a certain extent. Would be good to have multiple copies.

6) Regarding the web event:

A) Trial of Nazarick:

- Split into 2 parts: Daily Missions and Special Missions. Coins are used in the Treasure Hall of Nazarick (Web Event Shop).

- Daily Missions: It's the typical 200 stam daily missions. Do 20 of most activities (click on the top right How to Participate button to know which contribute to the tracker). Also grants 40 total coins.

- Special Missions: 4 tabs

+ Energy: Straight forward, spend a total of 1000 stam or more during the entire collab duration. Rewards Catalysts selectors and Coins.

+ Hero: Arguably the most annoying part of the web event. Level 3 heroes to level 50 as well as Promote and Level 2 Heroes to level 60. Considering the event stages give no exp, friendship and just about all other content aren't as worth doing as the side story. I'll just **** the bullet and dump penguins. If you want to, you can go level these heroes in hunts, altars, UH, adventure, wherever if you don't care about the side story immense gear value. Rewards: Blooms, Awakening potion, 2 Molas and Coins.

+ Equipment: Enhance 3 equipment to +15. Plenty easy. Rewards: one of each RGB elemental summon 4-5*.

+ Reputation: Daily Rep 7x and Weekly Rep 1x. Should be pretty easy and straight forward. However, you need to take the entire 100 reputation reward from daily and the 120 reputation reward from weekly to count. Rewards: one of each RGB elemental summon 4-5*, one 3-5* dark elemental summon, +9 daily covenant for 7 days.

+ Bonus reward for completing 20 Special Missions: +9 daily covenant for 7 days.

- Treasure Hall of Nazarick (Shop):

+ You get more than enough coins to fully buy out if you are diligent at daily missions.

+ My personal shop priority would be: Mola > Covenant > Promotion Potion > Charms > Penguins. Buy the Free Gear Removal (FGR) scroll whenever you need it.

+ I recommend buying the FGR scroll as late as you can as it will be consumed as soon as you take it from mail and it only last 7 days in mail.

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