I buffed Ainz (and Albedo) to make them good
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General Discussion

I buffed Ainz (and Albedo) to make them good [5]

Red is removed. Green is added.

Ainz Ooal Gown

  Lightning of Judgment 

Attacks all enemies with lightning, with a 25% chance to stun for 1 turn and heals the caster. Damage and healing increases proportional to the caster's max Health. 

  Overlord of Death 

Increases damage suffered from Light elemental enemies by 30%. 

Starts battle with 3 random buffs for 2 turns. (Increase Defense, Increase Critical Hit Resistance, Effect Resistance, Immunity, Effectiveness, Increase Speed) 

When an ally is attacked, has a 25% chance to activate Mana Barrier. Mana Barrier can only be activated once every 3 turns. Mana Barrier: Grants a barrier to all allies for 2 turns, and the caster adopts a counterattacking stance for 2 turns. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's max Health. 

  The Goal of All Life Is Death 

Dispels all buffs from the enemy before silencing for 1 turn and a 70% chance to inflict death sentence. This skill is unaffected by cooldown increase and decrease effects.          

Death Sentence : At the start of someone's 12th turn, deals 50,000 fixed damage and inflicts extinction to the bearer. Ignores damage sharing effects. Dispelled when the caster dies.  

Soulburn (20 souls) Ignores Effect Resistance.


Aegis Unfold

Increases Critical Hit Chance by 50% when attacking.           

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Albedo needs something more interesting.  And even with the above buffs these characters would be average 5 stars at best.

Instead of starting the battle the buffs shoud be added to Ainz s2 proc should be good (works perfectly with his omega buffing animation), also the effectiveness buff wont add to his survivability so its not where he is lacking other than that agree on everything.

I don’t know how they can buff Albedo.  But if they don’t buff her I doubt you will see her used in any content after the event is over.  She is an offensive tank in the anime.  Increasing her damage would match the lore.

Ainz‘s S3 should not be resisted.  The 15% proc rate is too high in PvP.  His S3 is the only reason to use him over some other hero.  If it doesn’t land than he is useless and gets focused down by the opponent (especially light units - which isn’t even lore as the battle with Shalltear she used light magic against him and it had little effect if you listen to his explanation at the end of the battle).  Even adding extinction wouldn’t be an overbuff.  I don’t like having to soul burn his S3 to ignore ER as it would make book a required artifact.  Ainz is like ML Kayron, but he does less damage on counter, is less of a tank, and his S3 can be resisted.  

that good idea i hope Sg will see you post

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Man they did ainz dirty. [1]

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Albedon't ? [1]

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I buffed Ainz (and Albedo) to make them good [5]

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Albedo is very underwhelming. [2]

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Let’s talk a little bit [2]

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