Albedo is very underwhelming.
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General Discussion

Albedo is very underwhelming. [2]

Albedo is a very average unit her kit is very basic and underwhelming what were they thinking this is a bad look for a Collab character. Please buff her we beg you.

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Her damage is bad. The additional damage is bad. She needs too many stats. Bicorn should be once a turn like Edward's proc. Hopefully aijz and albedo get a buff before end of event. Soo sad.

Her S1 "A successful attack deals additional damage proportional to caster's max hp" Should be applied to All her skills and in order to not make it broken make her attacks not be able to crit  like Senya/Hwa etc.

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Albedon't ? [1]

2024.04.18 23:01
작성 시간 04.18.2024

I buffed Ainz (and Albedo) to make them good [5]

2024.04.18 13:48
작성 시간 04.18.2024

Albedo is very underwhelming. [2]

2024.04.18 13:00
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Let’s talk a little bit [2]

2024.04.17 18:42
작성 시간 04.14.2024

Why this game don't have re-connect in RTA when i crash game :((((( [3]

2024.04.14 06:09