Overlord : how to not whale 101 - Kindano / Asia
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[OVERLORD] Overlord : how to not whale 101 - Kindano / Asia

What stopping you from whaling? In my case, it's the 15% & speed RNG.

Pull 1-Bedo and stop, unless it's your waifu, go ahead. Buy her arti using dust from shop if you nvr get it. If you already have one from pulling, it's ok to buy another one using dust and keep 2 separate copies, don't fuse them. Just cope using bottle of knowledge to MLB the artis, which took almost a year (or less) to max an artifact (this is not-to-whale guide remember?)

How about Shalltear? Just wait till guide makers make a review of her.
"Patience is a virtue. Haste makes waste" - Sun Tzu (probably)

Some of the guide makers already said to not fully awaken Ainz and Albedo if you only want to use them for event. Since the event stage buff will max them out & give them proper gear (Ainz : EFF, speed, bulk // Albedo : HIGH bulk, crit or no crit up to you). 

How about the other 2slots? you can use tama+ise/landy/candy/soli or bring 2healers like emilia+destina. I'm sure there are many more variant team comp out there on youtube. Get your fingers to work!

Prioritize to upgrade Ainz imprint first to make life easier and you can alt+tab AFK farming while playing mihoyo games. 

Last but not least,

personally I don't bother to spend 900SS for the background. I value covenant bookmark / mystic token over the background or other cosmetic feature unless my SS is over 50k (remind you this is not-to-whale guide). Remember we still have upcoming rerun collab (Benimaru's tachi is the real deal, don't get SIDETRACKED by new collab) and RGB custom (if you still missing your GL+30).

Anyway good luck on your pull. May the pity (not) be with you.

- GGEZ - 

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