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General Discussion

Let’s talk a little bit [2]

Yes, I’ll talk about negative things,

There are a lot of things that go wrong in this game, like the sweep for example which is limited to 10 unfortunate tries, my question is this; Why?

All the gachas allow us, allow us to make an instance, as many times as we want, and automatically, it must be a way to keep us longer active in the game, but is it the right solution?

Don’t tell me "make a better team"
"If you’re not happy, don’t use this feature",

Isn’t it stupid to advertise on YouTube, "Sweep available", and then mark in tiny "Limit to 10 per day"?
Isn’t it even dumber to release a paid pack to give us 10 more tries?

I sometimes have the impression that no feedback from our players goes up,
Anything that’s supposed to be cool in the end isn’t, or half,

As if no one was playing any gacha except epic seven, and didn’t see some things popping up, and that don’t work,

And the epic equipment pass is by far the most insulting, dumbest thing I’ve ever had, 2500Skytones, for random effects equipment, premium rewards were worth more than the special reward,

Is there anyone on the premises who thinks before they say "It’s validated"?

Even if it takes more time, come out with good features, and better battles pass, better things in general

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A good example of sweep battle feature is Pokemon Masters EX. Just feed the tickets, press and done. Also limited to energies and said battle tickets but the latter are given out for doing the daily tasks, via events for extra event currency and no 15% there. But that's a different gacha.

You are just lying. Even the most profitable and popular gachas don't have the "sweep"  mechanic. And all gachas that have it it's because it has it's limitations (limited times per day/extra resources).

The most popular ones that I know and I have played are:

-Dokkan battle: doesn't have it.

-Dragon ball legends: Limited by tickets and some modes limited by times per day and tickets 

-granblue fantasy: limited by times per day and absurd conditions to unlock it.

-Genshin impact: doesn't have it.

-7ds: limited by tickets.

-Fire emblem heroes: doesn't have it.

This feature just allows people to play more casually and it's just and extra thing that is good for everyone no matter what.

A lot of times you guys complain just because you can. 

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Let’s talk a little bit [2]

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Why this game don't have re-connect in RTA when i crash game :((((( [3]

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