Additional hero filter pvp/e
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Additional hero filter pvp/e

Hello SG,

I want to request a filter option that would allow players to differenciate units that are only used in pve and the ones used in pvp.

Think of a checkbox or something that would allow us to mark a hero as a PvE or PvP unit.

Alternatively, change the filter that hides favorited heroes to make only favorited heroes visible in the list.

Additionally, it would be great if you could add a small warning sign beside heroes in the Hero menu list that have missing gear, exclusive equipment or artifact.

At this point in the game, there are so many heroes it's hard to navigate through all of them.

Maybe adding the ability to create a couple of custom lists  where we could select which heroes are on it would be a good idea. Giving the ability to select these lists when we try to assemble our teams in all types of game modes to make the lsit clearer for us.

As an example:

I would create an RTA list, which would only consist of heroes that I've prepared for that mode.
In case I have a hero in the list that's missing equipment, I would have a small warning sign beside their icon.
I would then have the ability to select this list (somewhere around the filters on UI or wherever) once I'm in the selection screen where the list of all heroes are presented. 
By selecting that list, only the heroes I've prepared for RTA would show up in the hero selection list. The ability to filter them with current sorting options would remain a possibilty in these lists as well.

That's how I envision it, but maybe you have better ideas, I'm all for it as long as it improves the current convoluted system.

Please consider!

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