Lack of "Breath of orbis"
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Lack of "Breath of orbis" [2]

Hello SG,

How about giving us ways to acquire beath of orbis so we can actually upgrade everything in Sanctuary?

IT'S BEEN YEAARS already...!!!

At this point it's not a suggestion, but a demand. Why impelement a feature halfway and then not even allow players to fully utilize it?

What if a new player doesn't know that those resources are limited and they won't be able to upgrade everything and choose the wrong one to prioritize?

They can lose out on soo many rewards over time and as far as I know there is no revert once we upgrade a facility...

For me, a long time player, I want to unlock more options in command center so I can tailor the missions to my schedules.

I saw you've been improving UI and QoLs, which is great, but how about finishing functionalities first in game?

Seriously hope some intellectual in dev team will see this and escalate it, because at this point it's ridiculus that there have been no mention about this in any official discussions (at least I didn't see or hear about it) and I seriously doubt it would be hard to slap additional breath of orbis as rewards to some of the story stages!


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I also agree that at this point in the game we should be able to max out the sanctuary, it's quite frustrating to see the lack of breath of orbis after so many years, it makes me wonder if they just forgot about the system or are planning on a revamp, which i think it's more unlikely to happen.

I would be happy with a couple more, but it is not much of a hassle to me.  You can reset your upgrades under "improve building". To reset a building it cost up to 300k gold, depending on the upgrade level. Hope this helps some!

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