Why this game don't have re-connect in RTA when i crash game :(((((
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General Discussion

Why this game don't have re-connect in RTA when i crash game :((((( [3]

I crash game when i almost win this game, and then i loss some point because that bush*t reason 
That game see i leave the battle so it consider i surrender this game. THAT IS BUSH*T.
SG should add feature like "SURRENDER" and re-conncet in this game to sure about player is surrender or not 

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Why should the opponent or you get roped by someone else's or your network connection issues?

Because connection and device problems shouldn't be the problem of the other player. If the opponent crashes then they get a free win - same as if your opponent crashes - you get a free win. 

I've played a few hundred games and never had issues. Usually, if I get dc'd then it's maybe a connection prob - not something the dev can fix. 

The reconnect option means that the match gets stalled and the player that got left in the match will have to be stuck waiting for the dc'd player to reconnect - this means players can just intentionally rope their opponents by closing the app if they're about to lose.

End of the day, it's a bad idea to have a reconnect feature - take the loss and move on to the next match. 

If the connection is interrupted, then that player's characters must play automatically until the player is able to return to battle. Connection problems are not player problems. They can come from both the provider and the game server.

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