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General Discussion

Skip Tickets or rather Fail Tickets! [13]

WTF is this!? This rly needs to change!

In every other game where you get skips you just need to clear the lvl ONCE and youre golden, but this... this is an ATROCITY and to think you guys want ppl to buy a Bundle to get 10 extra more of THOSE?! 

If you want to sell us this, you rly need to change it into a REAL Skip Ticket and we all are good!

Bec i literaly just ran 10 runs trough on auto with the same team und i finished all 10 runs and here i just magicly fail 4 of em what is this cr.....? Is this seriously how you thought is a great idea to implement somehting like this?

This is fing frustrating and no it wont sway me to pay for it so i can fail 8 out of 20 gg

Just my 2 cents

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Just dont use the feature and S.T.F.U.

If you lose its because your team sucks, simple as that.

Tell that to one shot teams that lose to 15%

Seriously, stop ******* on that SG **** so hard, your knees gotta start hurting at some point

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TenmouMy one shot team have 95% sucess rate, way more than the 85% that you are complaining for, if you cant manage that you should try using your last couple braincells for at least once and made a proper team.

To me SG can go and **** themselves, but that doesnt mean Ill support lazy imbeciles who wants 100% sucess rate without making a minimum effort to made a hunt team.

You should stop projecting yourself in others, only because you like to get your mouth impregnated, doesnt mean everyone its like that.

Did you even read what i wrote bec  " If you lose its because your team sucks, simple as that." is utterly dogsh...!

Bec i literaly just ran 10 runs trough on auto with the same team und i finished all 10 runs and here i just magicly fail 4 of em, is what i wrote so my team can do it np. Just use a Brain if ya even have one with a response like that.

If ya cant take critecism for a Game that trys to KEEP ppl you should use your First sentence for yourself and have a nice day.

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GatzberserkPffft, are you saying you have a 100% sucess rate team? because 10 consecutive wins can be achieved with mediocre teams with good rng.

Its not about "crItEcIsm", SG had made stupid decisions lately, like that P2W feature that wanted to milk us with imprints, or how the main history has decayed. This is about imbeciles like you that cant even made a proper team and come bitchcrying wanting to get 10 free runs without making an effort.

I still use the feature since I dont mind losing a few runs in a while, try using your last braincell for just once.

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FilbulwinterY ofc, bec criticism atb a poor implemented "Feature" is Bitchcryn and make me an Imbecile... Dude youre so hopeless i dont even try to make my point so you understand.

Bec its rly just lost on you.

Seems like youre mad abt something. Dunno what though but still, have a nice day.

Make a better hunt team.  

Good thing that i noticed that many Streamers who are even assosiated with E7 for Sponsoring think the same as me. Good thing im not alone in this.

Whales ofc dont care abt this and even players who played the game for a long time, but they dont think abt the new and returning Players....

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200++ free summons and more goodies for everyone and its not even an anniversary & you keep calling them Stingy7, such an ungrateful & greedy human being.

Sad part  is there are more of your kind who think this way in this toxic community.

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Rengo997xVTjust giving out "free" stuff, still isnt something that will "keep" the players.

if the "improvements" they are putting out arent rly one in the first place!

They need somethin evergreen like the automa tower but not stuff like this!

If these are skip tickets, then MAKE THEM as such and not stuff you can loose. Defeats the purpose rly!

Clear em once and youre good, at least with those "skip tickets" if you want to autobattle in the backround you still would need a geared team. Problem solved!

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Gatzberserkin E7, it skip only on your run time

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tfasyfuThen go play that game full time and leave this game so we don't have to deal with your toxic & negative energy.

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