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General Discussion

Arky’s Special Operation [1]

I am a new player that started playing a month ago and never missed a single day for literally just a month, and so because of that, I don't get the Arky event.

- It's stupid that playing the game every day even though you are completely new to the game will get you disqualified as a "new player"
- it feels so **** to not be rewarded for playing the game!

- Why only reward players for leaving the game and playing less?!
- and on top of all that, the communication is so bad. one GM says its for all players other one says the opposite!!

I guess playing the game is pointless, and I should stop playing and only come-back for the big events.

It's so funny that the same thing happened in the past, were players got rewarded for not playing the game.

The Arky’s Special Operation event should be available for everyone that plays the game.

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agreed. this event should be made available for everyone at release, the rewards are too good.  sg devs are a bunch of incompetent nincompoops

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