Where did my ESPA background go?
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General Discussion

Where did my ESPA background go? [2]

Guys, did I miss something? Why did my ESPA collab background just disappear? Is the collab happening again, will we get it back? The other wallpapers are there, though. Just annoyed me to log in and have Zio as my background all of a sudden. 

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The background with all the Ae-Spa characters?

We still have it. Go to the House Icon with the refresh symbol. Top left of the screen next to your name. 

Then scroll all the way to the right and find THEME. It is there

He is saying that you could have Luluca, Lethe, Byblis garden and Aespa together as "rotative backgrounds", but now Aespa and  Byblis are not within them anymore, i know becase i had this config as well.

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