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General Discussion

Arky Special Operation [4]


Arky special operation need to be made available for players who are playing regularly as well. the rewards are too good to punish players who play regularly plus whenever they create new events for returning and new players, they make it available for whole community. the eligibility criteria is worded suggesting that. be either new / returning player or player who have passed the designated time period for these buffs which meant all players who got these buffs expired are also eligible


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on the e7 orbis overdrive they specificall said all players should get it and if dont see it to submit a ticket 

l’événement en question est-il temporaire

it's crazy that we need to complain about this every time they make another event like this it's okay to reward returning players and help boost new players but let's stop forgetting to also reward morons like me that play this game every day despite always being forgotten by the devs I'm so tired of this ****

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