Please nerf ML Choux Injuries
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General Discussion

Please nerf ML Choux Injuries [7]

As a defense trending in E7, everywhere is ML Choux, with fast speed and Injuries ability, all DMG increases proportional max Health champs become less efficiency just because her AOE Injuries. Not only thats ML Choux have a lot of special things like:

1. Base speed 117, quite high for a bruiser like her.

2. +15% CR push and +1 focus, all allies speed buff +30%, this make her more faster than other heros (Unbalance)

3. Start a turn will gain +1 focus (without doing anything, even in stunned states) which S1 already give focus, +2 focus on S3, this thing make her skills cycling faster than other using focus heros.

4. Fixed 2,000 dmg and AOE with 10% injuries, Free Injuries set + High Speed + AOE Injuries is balanced ?????

5. ML Choux got 4 skills (S1 + S2 + small S3 and big S3) , even with Solitaria prevent Focus, her still can make Injuries states on your team which make your easily died without get more health also decrease dmg to proportional max Health champs (kill two birds with one stone is real)

6. Collab with Overlord is near, when Albedo artifact is also scale with max Health to deal additional DMG, ML Choux can make that artifact like a toy just with Injuries ability, YA +30 collab artifact for what?

That's my idea to nerf Choux without make her like old Hwayong.

S2: gain Focus at the start turn ----> gain Focus at the end turn

       Injuries decrease from 10%  ----->   Injuries decrease from 5%

S3: small S3 now not inflict Injuries anymore

       Just increase Speed buff for her only, not all alies

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Injuries got you down? Don’t use hero’s who rely on hp, savior adin and a fast def breaker is all it takes to destroy the little runt, every hero has their weakness I don’t worry about what hero’s I face because I know this and will find and exploit such weaknesses, we will see how ml politis shakes things up tho

I listing the Injuries system for you to know more

+ Decrease your HP till 50% ---> Affected your survivability when HP just only 1/2 compare to start.

+ Decrease the DMG of heroes proportional to max health ---> when you got injuries at 10% - 30%, heroes DMG will completely useless, that's such unfair for heroes using health as dmg.

+ Decrease your barrier amount if heroes has barrier scale with HP.

+ Make your lifesteal less viable just because you can't recover HP more than you Injuried.

+ Can't clean this effect when other debuff easily to get rid.

+ Make health set useless.

+ Artifact scale with HP useless.

+ This effect can apply even you evasion a hit ---> evasion useless.


This just mine research about injuries system, with just one effect you can change the result of battle easily through ML Choux with get this free Injuries system.

The point that concerns Albedo, it is an artifact for a knight, while Choux is a warrior, but Choux is far from being problematic, there are much more oppressive units, such as DDR when it comes to injury. But who knows, maybe in the future SG will launch a unit that recovers part of the team's maximum health.

Get good scrub ,you probably silver or bronze arena and probably play super slow ,just cleave her,either way there’s too many counters for her no need to nerf just draft smart and if you’re not doing rta don’t even complain 

Sorry, but I don't ask for nerf her entirely, what I ask is nerf her 【FREE INJURIES】 which make her like must pick for defense team, everyday need fight with her make me sick, I can't even use the champs scale DMG with HP like Lethe, Laia, Edward, Choux, Alencia....etc to deal with another comps like ML Choux + Karina + A.Yufine + O.Luluca, with Proof of Valor artifact you can't oneshot those comps even decreased 50% CR from A.Yufine. Just stop judge another like silver or bronze when you not research the absurd of Injuries system in this game.

i built beehoo and its easy game with beehoo and burn artefact. my beehoo is at 200 spd 170 eff so he goes after lulucar. he can also be used against ml landy as well.

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My comps also not fear about Karina, just picking high res comps or buff res like Elena or Christy to prevent her def break, without def break and increase def, her dmg actually low like 5k to 7k after used S3. The core of Karina is her Artifact which deals additional dmg as def, so if her got def break debuff, her dmg will decrease alot and not threatened anymore. 

Contrary to ML Choux, she has free injuries which counter champs using skills or artifact scale with HP, which make you choice become less and less because smilegate abused " DMG increases proportional max Health " on lots champs now. Just decide pick that's champ, and your dmg decreased every turn when facing ML Choux, or chose another burst comps and if ML Choux teams don't die, you die.

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