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General Discussion

Colab/Overlord [6]

Anyway, I'm here to vent a little about my disappointment with the character Albedo from the new Colab, man, you know when you're in an absurd hype waiting for a character and when you see the video, all the affection for Alegria disappears, bro it seems like the character It was like mixing what's already in the game and releasing it.  I'm perplexed when I see the character it gives me dismay, wow I theorized several things for her, a nuker assassin/thief or even a damage tank, I don't know, the image I have of her was a very beautiful crazy assassin, the character is Beautiful animation too, but the character's kit, wow, that's horrible, it's really annoying.
 It seems like that was how it was done to play this character.
 Op Kit, Beautiful animation = Shaltear
 Flawless Animation, Cool Kit = Ainz
 Albedo = Artifact!, I don't know, put anything she sells...
 I love this game so much and I will always continue to support the team, one of the best games ever created.
 But I'm sorry, this character made me sad, it had so much potential, it would have become a massive pay2win to get SSS but my expectations disappeared, I had to vent.  #CryAlbedo

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Why is her s2 not on a 1 turn cool down (like Byblis S2) instead of 2 TCD?

That would make her way better and not op and unbalanced like candy s2 wich has 0 TCD

Well i kinda agree albedo's kit just mix of old units

It's like she's aggresive carmin but still prefer carmin for tank team

yeah people definitely all in to her banner just for artifact
SSS imprint her not worth it

Albedo as a thief/assassin ? You just haven't watched the anime.

Albedo is good and her artifact is broken so keep crying.

.....heh....."so keep crying"...... it's a sure way of driving big spenders to quit.....once again another genius doggie logic.....heh.....

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tfasyfuKeep crying bozo. No one likes you.

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