My take on Ruele and Blood Moon Haste :)
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My take on Ruele and Blood Moon Haste :)


Been playing since day one pretty much and have used Ruele and Blood Moon Haste quite alot. Although I do still find niche uses for them from time to time, it would be cool to see some skill changes for their kits. :)

Ruele in my mind was and is the icon of pure restoration, so I'm thinking if she could be the one and maybe only healer to be able to truly restore heroes to their prime. Her skills would look something like this: 

Skill 1: deal damage to an enemy and grants Increased Effect Resistance to the caster for 2 turns. Damage increased according to casters max health.

Skill 2: As before, but also Heals injuries on the ally according to a % of healed amount.

   Soul burn (XX souls): Targets all allies.

Skill 3: As before, but ignores any effect that prevents allies from reviving.

This would make Ruele truly unique and cement her place as the heir of restoration. Having Increased Effect Resistance on skill 1 grants the same benefits as Destina in a different way as well as an increased shared identity, and moving soul burn to skill 2 could help her compete with other characters in sustaining the team. She's still suffering a bit from not cycling her skills or allies, but her unique effects would hopefully make her worth it both specific and general cases. 

Incidentally, this change would increase the usefulness of Blood moon haste as a side effect as well. :P

I think BMHs kit is really cool but veeeery niche, more so than usual now that extinction and Briseria is prevalent as proactive answers to revive rather than reactive which is always preferable. I'm thinking the scope of his abilities could be expanded. 

Skill 1: Steal 1 beneficial effect with 100% chance.

  Soulburn (XX souls): ignores effect resistance and Grant effect to all allies.

Skill 2: (Passive) Whenever a character is revived or granted Immortality, grant all friendly allies Immunity and a barrier for 1 turn. When an enemy triggers this ability, the effects are doubled. 

Skill 3: As before, with: When this ability is on cooldown, allies recovers 10-15% of damage dealt

As with Ruele the goal is to increase general viability, and the change to his passive would broaden the scope of its usefulness by including Immortality as a trigger, but primarily from the option to actually trigger the ability from your own actions by reviving or triggering Immortality on your own side, although at reduced effect, which could open up for interesting team building. The change to S3 would enhance the connection to regular Haste with some life steal for additional sustain after usage. The change to skill 1 is also to broaden general usage throughout the fight.

Just some thoughts i had to get out there just for fun!

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My take on Ruele and Blood Moon Haste :)

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