[ Hero Concept 68 ]
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General Discussion


General Discussion

[ Hero Concept 68 ]

This is the 68th original hero concept.

Here is the New God series and a new keyword!

Enjoy :)

New Keyword: Apotheosis

Apotheosis: AFTER casting this skill, activate special effect for the rest of the battle. The only way to end this effect is killing the caster!

New God: Domination

[ S1 - Written Fate ]

Attack an enemy, dealing additional damage proportional to the target's lost health.

This skill always lands successfully.


[ S2 - Asphyxiate ] CD: 4 Turns

Choose a hero. It cannot be buffed or healed this game.

This effect is unaffected by Dispel, Immunity or Effect Resistance.


[ S3 - Designate ] CD: 3 Turns

Attack an enemy. A critical hit of this skill on a hero decreases the target's level by 10.

Apotheosis: At the start of the caster's turn, inflict one Burn effect on all enemies for 1 turn.

//Decrease level effect can be blocked by Immunity and Effect Resistance


Skill 2 denies buffs and heal on a certain hero for the whole game.

As a result, it costs a lot. S2 is very tempo-expensive, i.e. having no immediate effect, no damage, no utility like CR push. It is also a non-attack skill that could get countered hard.

Skill 3 has one of my favorite effects: Decrease Level, with a condition. After using S3, the caster has an aura that constantly inflict Burn effects.

Skill 1 is just like its name, never miss, never escape the written fate.

Comments are welcomed. 

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