Epic Seven x OVERLORD Collaboration! Comment Event!
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Closed Events


Closed Events

[Closed] Epic Seven x OVERLORD Collaboration! Comment Event! [1.4K]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Sez.

The dawn of a new adventure emerges within Epic Seven in 2024.

The Epic Seven x OVERLORD Collaboration is set to begin!

Are you curious about what special adventure awaits you with OVERLORD heroes?
We bet you’re as excited as we are!

Please see below for more details.

■ Epic Seven x OVERLORD Collaboration! Comment Event!

[Event Schedule]
4/11 (Thu) ~ 4/17 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

[How to Participate]
- Share your thoughts and opinions about the upcoming Collaboration in the comments section below using the provided format.

Format: [Nickname / Server / Comment]
ㄴ GM Dominiel / Global / Please release the collab tomorrow!

[Event Rewards]

- Eligible Heirs: All Participants

- Event Reward: 2 Leif
※ The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox on 4/19 (Fri).

Please Note!

- Make sure to write down your correct nickname and server info in order to claim your rewards. 

- Event participation will be based on the  nickname you provided.

    Rewards may not be given out correctly if you change your nickname.

- Participants can only win  one event prize per account and  duplicate entries will be exempt from receiving rewards.

(You cannot participate in the same event on other  STOVE  communities with different languages.)

- For more details about our event policy, please visit our [Event Regulations] page.

 Thank you.

Post 1.4K
Notification has been disabled.

epic7#ki6uyb / Asia / Albedo

Lykouralis / Europe / Hamsuke pet please

December20th / Global / Albedo

Jszs/ Global / Albedo

Naytaliak / Global / Albedo

Nifugi / Europe / Albédo

スライムゲート / Global / Albedo

 红美铃 / Asia / Albedo

Mikiyami / Global / Albedo

notdelay /Global/ Albedo

Delaycious/Global/ Albedo

DokiToki / Asia / Albedo

Squippey/ Glogal/ Albedo

QuarkLepton / Global / all in on shaltear

chuwawa / Global/ hamst3r

h5xz7 / Global / overlord

[Telestrea / Global] - Can't wait for the new season!

epic7#4z7g43 / Global / overlord

Puriified / Global / OverLAWDDDD

FatalPulse/ Global / we won

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