Hero's Legacy Special Reward Chest - LVL 88 ITEMS
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General Discussion

Hero's Legacy Special Reward Chest - LVL 88 ITEMS [6]

All legacy items have random status, both main status and sub-status. This is abusive, and all players deserve a refund.

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First of all this post is not about WK'ing e7 but about common sense.

It is the same as gear packs but you can buy it with f2p currency, what did you expect free main+sub stat selector and get the stats you want + lvl.88 reset stones?

If that was the case why even bother buying gear packs with real money.

Stop being delusional.

You all know it was random stats before you bought it, you lost to rng and now you cry, typical e7 player throwing baby tantrums.

People like you are the down fall of this game.

More like people like you are the reason companies feel so comfortable when they heavily monetize their games. It's not disclosed what the items are and new players who blew 2500 skystones on this garbage are now going to be hurting for skystones needed for the upcoming collaboration. I had to google what was even in the special reward bundle cause they don't tell you. I didn't waste my skystones on it but can easily understand why people would be disgruntled if they had, thinking it would be something worth it. But keep telling people that point out blatant scumminess they're the problem. Stay ignorant.

blue box is better than this garbage overhyped equipment

Just don't buy it, dammit; we've got nothing to lose

ofc u got nothing to lose, u bought nothing, u can only see the detail after u buy it which mean he already bought it and lose something, understand now mr. whiteknight ?

what's worse they hide the actual item detail till u bought them

HAHAAA love smilegate and their corrupted methods

(not even we could see them from update content page which is so bad)

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Hero's Legacy Special Reward Chest - LVL 88 ITEMS [6]

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