... But why though?
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General Discussion

... But why though? [3]

Bought the 2500ss Epic pass upgrade only to found out both main and subs are random... You get 1 88 mana stone selector box but that doesn't worth 1600ss. It's a huge scam and I would recommend NO ONE to buy the 1600 upgrade, 900 to unlock premium is imo still fine deal.

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Skystone sink before collab. That's why.  Here is the trend. Scammer Huche appears, the there is Epic Pass then you will see a limited hero/collab hero. After this Overlord collab, we will most likely see Guilty Gear like we do every year.


Yikes. I was on the fence before, but now I don't see myself spending sky stones on this at all. I plan on just getting the free stuff. Thanks for the heads up.

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Hero's Legacy Special Reward Chest - LVL 88 ITEMS [6]

2024.04.04 04:54
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I tried voice acting some of my favorite Epic Seven units!

2024.04.04 03:56
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... But why though? [3]

2024.04.04 03:22
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Awakening Potential [6]

2024.04.04 00:33
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Epic 7 Arise is a disaster, and we still haven't recieved it in Europe. [2]

2024.04.03 07:06