Returning heir - Purify abyss and Tera-Phantasmas
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Q&A Board

Returning heir - Purify abyss and Tera-Phantasmas [4]

Hi everyone,

I haven't played E7 for a while and noticed a lot changed and I like it.

Some questions from returning player:

1. I cannot find "Purify Abyss".

    I'm currently at lvl 99 and clearing next 5 abyss levels for event quest "Clear or Purify Abyss" seems impossible. Am I missing something? Is there a hidden button to purify it?

2. What to do with Tera-Phantasmas? Should I promote and disenchant promoted ones?


Someone replied to my earlier post. Sorry I deleted it without noticing the reply - thought it was wrong thread to post it.

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Well long story short. I wrote a reply to your last post.

Purify no longer exists. Go to the shop for 40 energy and some gold.  I don't if you can but, maybe try clearing an easy floor for that event. Now you can clear Abyss floors with energy 

For Phantasmas, they were replaced with flowers so they just take up space they cannot be used for anything. You can keep them if you want but hold no value.

Heya! Thank you!
Sorry for deleting the post - I didn't notice your reply.

I tried clearing 50floor and looks like it doesn't count. Which is kinda bs. Both 99 floor and challenge are outside of my capabilities so not possible to complete the quest. :(

Cool. Thank you for clearing out with phantasmas.
In this case looks like promoting them and transmitting is the way to go.
It's actually a really nice change. Fodder and phantasmas was really annoying micromanagement.
I noticed they focused on late game content - different new challenges and stuff. Which is pretty cool because previously besides Abyss and to some extent Azmakalis everything was offline mode farming.

Btw. Is there a way to manually combine promotion flowers to higher tier?
I found it's done only automatically during a character promotion.

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ImgarthNo as of now there isn't. You can purchase the higher grade flowers in the Sanctuary. Just need to scroll down a bit when you want to grab Penguins and Flowers right away. They do cost a good chunk of Stigma. Check the Growth Altar 

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Returning heir - Purify abyss and Tera-Phantasmas [4]

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