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Closed Events

[Closed] Our Game's Operating Normally [24]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!

What if OOO had happened? A new history unfolds in Orbis.
In the midst of this fierce competition, who will emerge as the hero to claim the coveted top position?

Enjoy this April Fool’s special side story!

< Side Story 1 > Our Game's Operating Normally


April Fool's Day side stories have received great reviews every year. 
All the Heroes of Epic Seven gather together to audition for the chance to star in this guaranteed success...

■ Schedule
3/31 (Sun) 15:00 ~ 4/10 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

■ How to Enter
Clear Stage 2-10. Sage Minaret

 We recommend that you first proceed with ”Specialty Change to Magical Girl! No Longer a Saint!”   

< Side Story 2> Specialty Change to Magical Girl! No Longer a Saint!    

Despite the effort of the knights and priests to fight desperately to keep the Sanctuary safe from the encroaching forces of the Archdemon, it is not enough to dispel them.

Saint Diene gains the power to save the world from Angelica.


Will the magic girl Diene be able to protect the Sanctuary from the forces of the Archdemon? 


The side story, “Specialty Change to Magical Girl! No Longer a Saint!” will be available.   


■ Schedule

3/31 (Sun) 15:00 ~ 4/10 (Wed) 14:59 UTC


■ How to Enter

  Clear Stage 2-10. Sage Minaret


■ How to Play

Discover a new story with Diene, who has become even more powerful after completing her Specialty Change to a magical girl!

 The April Fool’s Day Side Story will not provide enhanced Heroes, event currencies, region rewards, quests, or Exchanges.

   However, quests are available for players so make sure you complete them for rewards! 

 The April Fool’s Day Side Story Event will not provide multi-difficulty stages, Goblin's Den, or MolaGora Habitat stages.
 Shall we explore the alternate histories?


What will the next story hold?   We hope our Heirs will enjoy the upcoming Side Story 

Enjoy spring with Epic Seven!   


Thank you.

Post 24
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anything is great. but please dont stop epic seven. i really enjoyed this game. 

Credit where it's due. It was a good story and i'm glad you guys didn't stand on your high horses and acknowledged all things the community say. Hope you guys get things hyped up once more with tomorrow's announcement.

Please take a look at jeonoa the passive is not working as it should. I thank 

Really good job to whoever wrote it, I laughted when, at some point of history, someone mentioned that they would be lucky if the players dont send a truck to the game's HQ. We only needed a "go touch some grass" joke.

This left a vey small almost imperceptible bad taste in my mouth that SG knows about what the userbase wants but, either, cant fix the problems or dont care at all, but its just an opinion, I may be wrong.

It seems they were aware that Angelic Angelica broke the game, but still didn't nerf her.

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dotaplayerJajaja we know about their "no-nerf" policy or their trend to disguise nerfs as a buffs, we indirectly agree with that everytime we open the game, IMO.  I love how them made fun of themselves.My comment was more focused about rng (as stated by the punchbag). Tired of that "15%"

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FilbulwinterThere was a time when the devs were willing to nerf a couple of ml 5*s at once :(

Personally I'm never bothered by 15%. Moreover, I tend to advocate floating attack value.

i was really insulted by the teasing of the april fools collab, but i really enjoyed the event itself. now it all depends on tomorrow's announcement...

Good side story…would have been better if we got a 4* Sandbag hero after completing the side story.  Thanks SG!

It's been a whiiile since I laughed so much xD <3

Gracias!!! Disfrute mucho la historia del día de los inocentes de este 2024. La realice con una sonrisa mientras leía la historia :). Espero estar con vosotros 20 años mas como prometimos al inicio de esta aventura. Invierto todo en vosotros para apoyarlos en todos los sentidos porque os lo merecéis. Me dais mucho desde hace 5 años. Os quiero Epic Seven  💕

Sandbag was so cute I was rooting for him towards the end~~

This story has to be one of the best E7 released, the nostalgia, the memories, everything about it is so perfect imo. 

The fact that it also made me laugh is a huge bonus. 

Some players have to grow up and realise that once you don't like something, you quit it, you don't start hating and threatening anyone, it will only make the matter worse, cuz let's be real majority of the comments on the last posts have been extremely disrespectful and straight up disgusting, especially towards something that ''you love'' : )

The story's protagonist is cute!! Not lying hahaha. Great choice, really. 

Not going to lie that was really fun! Looking forward to seeing what sandbags real wish was! 

I think that the wish was about everything return to normal and everyone forget about what happened, that last part with alexa may imply something more thought.

Oof, in terms of jokes this felt more like a salty **** you to the community. At least the Diene one still is good.

I really enjoyed the story, I won't lie about that. I think the waiting for 2 weeks was a really bad stunt, but I won't lie and say that I didn't enjoy the April fools story

new april's fool event looks funny also lol at some people who are still butthurt about not getting a joke

and that's it? no collab?

waiting whole week for this crap??

jokes on you sg

Are you finally quitting? <3

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crispyxzYeah, tired of these ungrateful and unsatisfied players...the world doesn't revolve only on your wants and needs...like I know there's been drought of content lately in the game but I never once complained or mad...Just chill...

There's much to appreciate in the game other than collabs...and I actually enjoy this April Fool's story, made me laugh and it totally describe the current situation of our community but at the same time describing how the dev's feel too

s.t.f.u. if you want to complain just do a random post in the forums, its every once in a while when we have something that most players likes, for some lame ******* like you to come and try to spoil it.

The story was funny, I really like your self-deprecation.

I hope we get a real announcement tomorrow

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