[Europa] Lv. 20/ Ysuria/ #Check-in-Everyday/ #Guild-Wars-active
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Guild Recruitment


Guild Recruitment

[Europa] Lv. 20/ Ysuria/ #Check-in-Everyday/ #Guild-Wars-active

Ysuria is recruiting new members!
We are looking for active players, whether you're a newer player, veteran, or returning player. We are the sister guild of Invoke, a top 10 GW guild, and we share the same Discord, so you can also talk to and get advice from some top players of the EU server.


  • 5x Mystic rewards in GW (currently Rank 76)
  • 24/7 buffs, daily energy, and weekly rewards (up to gold transmit stone currently)
  • Full-clearing Ancient Inheritance
  • Help with progressing your account, discussing builds, etc.
  • A fun environment for talking to people with similar interests


  • Do your weekly guild missions and dailies, i.e. check-ins, donations, and mana drake claws requests
  • Read Discord messages, at least when pinged. You don't need to read every message, but talking to other guildies and              Invoke's members is highly encouraged!
  • Have some units built for GW so we can get to a decent rank
  • And most importantly: Have fun!

Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/jcdTUutNDq and write in the welcome channel if you wish to join us!

Greetings, Nasii

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