[ Hero Concept 67 ]
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General Discussion


General Discussion

[ Hero Concept 67 ] [1]

This is the 67th original hero concept.

Enjoy :)

4* Dark Mage

[ Skill 1 ]

Attack an enemy. If the caster is Silenced or Redirect Provoked, this skill deals 7000 fixed damage.


[ Skill 2 ] CD: 3 Turns

The caster Memorizes its last Skill 1 damage.

Attack an enemy, before dealing the Memorized amount of fixed additional damage to the enemy with the highest Defense.


[ Skill 3 ] CD: 3 Turns

Attack an enemy, before planting two Bombs on the target, each for 2 turns and 3 turns.

If used on the enemy with the highest Defense in their team, also plant two Bombs on another random enemy which ignores Effect Resistance, each for 1 turn and 2 turns.

Random Bomb planting prioritizes Light enemies.


This hero is specifically effective against enemies who can inflict Silence or Redirect Provoke, as well as single high Defense heroes.

When the opponent's team is very obvious, e.g. Damage Dealer + Soul Weaver + Karina, player can cast Skill 3 on Karina, being certain the extra Bombs will be planted.

However, when the opponent's team is ambiguous, e.g. Regular Knights + Bruisers, Skill 3 becomes uncertain. Unlike health, Defense value is hidden to the opponent.

Skill 2 shows which enemy has the highest Defense. Use S1 -> S2 -> S3 for more certainty.

Comments are welcomed.

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Thank God you aren't in charge of anything. This is the worst garbage I've ever seen. Typical from a Dota player

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작성 시간 03.27.2024

It's better to be worst unit than bad unit in this game. [1]

2024.03.27 19:27
작성 시간 03.27.2024

another bruh collab. who care ? we need Luna new version [1]

2024.03.27 03:09
작성 시간 03.26.2024

[ Hero Concept 67 ] [1]

2024.03.26 11:48
작성 시간 03.25.2024

r u stupid salvo [6]

2024.03.25 15:48
작성 시간 03.22.2024

Arky’s Special Operation goes live when?

2024.03.22 17:36