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GM Board


GM Board

Merurin's Express Mail! - Growth and More! [52]

Hello, Heirs! - This is GM Dominiel!


The cute delivery girl, Merurin! Merurin is back with a special delivery!
What kind of news awaits our Heirs in today's special delivery?Let’s find out together.

■ Merurin's Express Mail!    Please Help with Growth, Aerin!
Aerin, please help me get stronger!
Complete repetitive missions and acquire various resources and equipment that will help you with hero growth!  

※ Arky’s Special Operation will be available to new Heirs and Heirs whose rank is below Rank 40!

■ Merurin's Express Mail!    Time is Money, Merurin! 
Heirs, you can't get back time lost!

What has Merurin come up with that will help you use time more efficiently?

■ Merurin's Express Mail!    Forge Your Epic Gear Event And... 
What is the fate of Merurin after entering the portal? 

And... A heartfelt letter✉ from Chloe has arrived!

Once again, that’s all for Merurin's Express Mail!

Merurin has prepared special viewing rewards for our Heirs, so check your in-game mailbox right away! 

■ Merurin's Express Mail Viewing Rewards

1. Schedule : 3/22 (Fri) 09:00 ~ 3/24 (Sun) 14:59 UTC
2.  Eligible Heirs : All Heirs
3. Details : Watch Merurin’s Express Mail and log into Epic Seven to receive the viewing rewards!
4. Viewing Rewards


※ Collect your viewing reward from the mailbox by logging into the game within the given distribution period. (Storage Period: 7 Days) 



Thank you.

Reply 52
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No content, maybe try to improve the Equipment so hard to get good stats..and when u get something that u need, it will roll poorly or into a stat that u don't want. For me this is the worst thing in Epic Seven and ofc the lack of Content and visibility from your side.


Merurin: dead game no content better play hsr


Forge your Gear is amazing event. But the other 2 videos could be in the last section of a random patch note and no one would notice. Wakey Wakey SG




Please improve the Equipment Stats system to get good stats easier. Add Quick Character Equipment Switch to switch Equipments from one to another characters faster instead of clicking one by one equipments in the equipment managements. Add another way to farm Artifact Charms also.

Please help! I've watch all the video and log into my account but I can't receive the mail award( I've clicked to the link - "move to link" in mail box) can anybody help me?



Great job 


Proof that you can't please everyone. Why are these mfs even here if all they do is ***** and moan every darn update? There are other games out there, the door is fkking open.

I for one love this update as I'm starved of resources as well as badly needing a good armor for my Riolet. Thanks, SG.

Yeah I hear you, they may believe that they are cattle prodding them into action? But at this point it doesn't matter what content they produce, someone is always griping as if they will win a cash prize for 'most offensive comment'. I really just think it makes the Global E7 Community look like a bunch of ungrateful brats... it's enough to bring down the staff who have to read this crap for sure. I feel sorry for them.

El juego es perfecto. Me gusta mucho 

 Adoro todo del juego no se como puede tener comentarios negativos :0

1. Arky Event is always welcome, resource shortcut for Mola and catalyst is pretty useless. Why not making a shortcut for auto using catalyst boxes, Mola and auto buying catalyst with APs needed without forth and back?

2. Quick battle very nice but why limited to 10? I don't mind refreshing skips with Skystones

3. Forge your own gear event. Hell yeah, been waiting for it. Equip all function is also pretty useless. Why not a gear loadout function instead where you can save and load gear sets,  switching on units?

Except the quick battle and returning events, pretty useless functions here. Hope the Overlord collab might be not too disappointing 

By the way, any news on this one?

2. To make this game long-term instead of burn energy and craft everything in a day.

Gear load out would take E7 to the next level 

J'ai essayer de monter en niveau le plus rapidement possible. Actuellement au niv 47 j'ai pu réceptionner les récompenses. Merci , ça va m'aider dans ma progression !!!


dont limit the sweep please, why even bother?

When does the Arky event start? It says nowhere. My account it just a bit below lvl 40 now so ill ofcourse wait for the event if its soon. Weird the event period is not mentioned or I am blind.

Pero cuanta gente que lo único que sabe decir es que no hay nuevo contenido, cuando lo mas seguro es que ni se leen la historia y solo quieren las skystones por que no saben como manejar sus recursos. Hay personaje nuevo Jenua e historia nueva que viene con el. Las mejoras que implementan son bien recibidas, el juego me gusta y comparado con otros muchos que hay en el mercado es mejor en cuanto a recompensas y recursos.  

Los desarrolladores escuchan a la comunidad como lo que sucedio con el awakening pero eso no significa quejarse por todo, poner en cada video dead game, no hay contenido etc etc. Seamos una buena comunidad. 

Me isiste crearme una cuenta en esta página solo para darle like a este comentario .

ya llevo como 1 año sin hacer prácticamente nada en el juego, porque justamente no tengo nada para hacer que sea divertido, cuando ya llevas años jugando y tienes las cosas equipadas lo que quieres es tener algo para hacer con eso que equipaste.

El gameplay ha estado en decadencia desde aproximadamente dos años, cada vez es mas automático y aburrido, era de los pocos juegos gacha donde si tenias que hacer cosas, pero ahora...

la historia es relativamente buena, yo dejé de leer en la historia de Adin, desde ahí ya me aburrió, al igual que muchos otros que han abandonado en varios puntos.

últimamente las novedades que nos están implementando que son "contenido" no son ni de cerca lo que la gente quiere, fíjate, el draft a prácticamente nadie le interesa, si armamos cosas las queremos usar, no quiero que vengan listas, antes el awaken que dejaba tantas dudas y miedo en todo el mundo que mejor ni lo queria la comunidad.

Ya no juego, pero estoy atento por si sacan algo bueno para volver.

This game needs more modes to use our rosters.  Please bring back battle arena where we can use our character builds.  Just my thoughts, thank you for limiting auto battles to 10.  Whales would destroy the game with unlimited auto battles. Do balance changes more often.  Add more exclusive equipment.  Do buffs and nerfs to GW.  Something…anything?

Maybe since you guys are so behind on content don't waste your time making these crap videos and actually use that time to make content. 

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