[ Hero Concept 66 ]
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General Discussion


General Discussion

[ Hero Concept 66 ] [2]

This is the 66th original hero concept.

Enjoy :)

[ S1 - Immediate Patch ]

Attack an enemy, recovering 15% missing health of the caster.


[ S2 - Smokebomb ] CD: 4 Turns

Grant Stealth to ALL HEROES for 2 turns. Increase Combat Readiness of all allies except for the caster by 25%.

Increase Combat Readiness of the caster by their HP%.


[ S3 - Taunt ] CD: 4 Turns

Choose a hero.

The target Provokes all their enemies for 1 turn.


//Provoke overrides Stealth


This is an opener hero with the ability to provide Stealth and Provoke, while countering Stealth hero at the same time.

When all heroes of a side are Stealthed, you can basically target any one of them. S2 -> S3 on enemy S.Tenebria for example, puts S.Tenebria under your direct attacks. Or S3 on your Krau or Brawler Ken.

After casting S2, once one of your heroes is attacked, it loses Stealth and becomes the only eligible target in your team, protecting your other heroes, absorbing all single target attacks.

The S2 -> S3 combo relys on the caster's HP%, which is less functional later in the battle. Outspeed and damage this hero to break the combo!

Comments are welcomed. 

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With all due respect, what kind of design is this? This unit would be built on high speed thus he/she cycles fast. He/she will also be built on a decent amount of HP. Therefore, he/she can constantly recover 15% HP, which would be a lot, leading long asf games... This unit would just be a downgraded version of pre-adjustment Elvira.

More like A.Ravi after Crimson Seed nerf, who is prone to debuffs. Don't get the focus wrong, the tricks are S2 and S3.

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[ Hero Concept 66 ] [2]

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