Haven’t been here in awhile but I’m glad the same three weird users are here
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General Discussion

Haven’t been here in awhile but I’m glad the same three weird users are here [12]

From an addiction to Luna

To posting several threads per day, somehow instead of quitting they’ve stayed for years playing this game, and I have no idea how they’ve done it other then being masochists I suppose.

oh and the third one who still can’t speak in full sentences…so….speaks…..like….this for some reason.

I’m starting to suspect they’re devs purposefully filling the threads with rage bait lmao.

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That hero concept guy is meh, but those who complain daily... My goodness.

You forgot the bizarre child who constantly posts asinine "hero concept" topics.

The Trinity Seven always make me laugh, especially when i see them complaining on the forums.

Stove is worst place of all community because white knights and no body care about it.

get of stove and you will see how people feel about this community.

I don't even have to endure kind of people like you.

white knights are the worst, you talk like you are better than me, kind of yourself that make game worse and worse, you should quit forever.

OP is better than you, you are useless garbage. Now go grab and inseminate your bodypillow while crying to Luna pictures.

Mate all you do is complain about Luna, Luna hasn’t got a buff, Luna didn’t win an art competition…Luna this and Luna that. It’s weird man, you’re worse then black knights and white knights, you literally add nothing of value to conversation lmao.

Objectively, you are far worse, so yeah, op is better than you. If you are that obsessed over a character in a gacha, you have a problem. Its not even about being a "wHiTeKniGhT", its about that kind of behavior its not healthy.

Personally I think its funny, so please continue.

objectively, dimdred do better and have more value than you
SG need to ban him forever because he speaks the harsh truth

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OshoEh, it's not like they listen every half finished mode is still just that. And now they are pumping out more half finished completely dumbed down modes. It's been literally 5 years with content marked "coming soon". Those clowns are too busy fondling a muppet tama and drawing the absolute worst art (4 squares) and that new limited with artwork that a special needs child drew, to do anything worthwhile. Eh mostly I just laugh or wait for them to try to promote the board game so I can share the scam **** they sent me

Upvoted, since it is funny and it made sense.

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[ Hero Concept 66 ] [2]

2024.03.12 11:24
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How can SG pick winner when no.1 and no.2 is so close and change in second? [1]

2024.03.12 03:08
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Haven’t been here in awhile but I’m glad the same three weird users are here [12]

2024.03.12 03:04
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I had sell and food ml5 [2]

2024.03.11 01:12
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Bring Brinus before the game closes! [1]

2024.03.10 01:39