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Hero UI

Considering how many heroes that we have right now, we (by we I mean, me specifically) desperately need some more sorting systems/UI.

1. Memory imprint by stats: Sort heroes by the chosen stats. So we don't have to look for hero through the entire list that has the chosen stat. The only way is by remembering which hero has which stat, as for now.

2. More buff/debuff sort category: We already have sort heroes by buff/debuff, very good. But I don't see category for Combat Readiness (the only buff/debuff that come up to mind right now, there are should be more). Tbh, I don't know if CR considered as buff/debuff, but it would be amazing if they add that.

3. Counterattack heroes: How many heroes with counterattack skill do we have right now? It would be amazing if they add sort heroes that have perks like that.

Thank you.

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