10-10 zio fight
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10-10 zio fight [2]

Been struggling with the level haven't been on quite a year so still somewhat a new player. Decided to level each character from each zio vid n give each one try. Any teams that work the best? On or using auto friendly forgot veteran players?

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I did it as a new player with Tamarinne with wondrous, Iseria, Ras aurius, Sigret and Candy support.

I am fairly new (started in September), Zio fight was tough the first time I did it. Took a couple weeks or so of trying to finally beat him. I just recently had to do the fight for my Mom on her account. Watched a tutorial  on YouTube for a one shot team from user MoriyaE7. The thing that helped was picking a supporter who counterattacks as a back up, if you can't meet the damage needed. Navy Captain Landy was my support hero.  With that one shot team (Vivian, A. Ras, Sigret, and Earth Adin) I was able to beat Zio in about an hour- hour and a half. So much easier then doing it the way they intended. My first team was A. Ras, Tamarinne, Haste, and Clarissa.  Good luck!

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10-10 zio fight [2]

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