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General Discussion


General Discussion

PVE Story Revamp [1]

Hello 4year vet. Love the game and still play mostly everyday. 

Im hoping someone important sees this amd takes it into consideration.

I think it would be a cool idea if we had the opportunity to "Restart" the Episodes with higher difficulty like a (Hell Mode) for Episodes 1-3. It would be cool to revisit the lore but with an opportunity to gain resources as well.

Once you complete PVE in this game. It just feels like you hit your checklist and get off.

Theres no incentive for world arena or rta I mean sure skins but yall put them in the shop sooner or later so if i wanted to wait and whale I could. 

Once my weekly is done. I log in hit the daily do guild wars and im done for the day if there isnt a new sidestory or event going on. 

A new hunt and gear set would be.crazy fun or maybe some new artifacts for Trail. Or new unit

Nooooooo one uses Zeno he's collecter dust. I hope i have someones attention and get some backing on this we need it!!

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작성 시간 03.08.2024

cileas nerf when 3 years top pick/ban why is there no changes

2024.03.08 09:40
작성 시간 03.08.2024

cileas nerf when 3 years top pick/ban

2024.03.08 09:40
작성 시간 03.07.2024

PVE Story Revamp [1]

2024.03.07 01:59
작성 시간 03.06.2024

This is dragon year and Luna is Yufine sister but SG put Yuna instead Luna [5]

2024.03.06 21:40
작성 시간 03.05.2024

I was banned for no reason! [4]

2024.03.05 01:07