I was banned for no reason!
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General Discussion

I was banned for no reason! [4]

I just logged on to the game to see the prompt message and no only find out that my account was banned for no reason 😡. I have been a free to play player for over 4 year's and I've never spent money on the game. I tried contacting customer service and all they told me to do was to send in an inquiry with in game information I can't even log into my account to provide them with my information this is so unfair yo it hurts me I've been playing this game for years and I've never had this happen to me before please someone help me fix this. I restarted my phone cleared the Cache and the game data nothing works. 4 years of hard work of building my units and saving up for banner after banner after banner is going down the drain smilegate please do something about this!!

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your mistake is playing this trash ass game because smilegate *****

I was able to log in after 6-7 attempts, you may be able to if you keep trying. SG made a post saying there is a client problem so your problem is most likely on their end, not yours.

I woke up and opened the game like every other day
and got banned
idk why

It makes no sense yo they need to fix this asap i can't log in to do guild war or my dailies. I don't spend money on the game or use any 3rd party apps on the game why would they ban my account for fraudulent activity I'm just so ****** right now.

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