102Waifus Global Needs You
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Guild Recruitment


Guild Recruitment

102Waifus Global Needs You

Server Global
Number of members 26
Rank Limit 65
Registration Type Public (Selective-join)
Introduction Chill laid back guild seeks active daily player. We have discord, x5, and complete AI

# **Guild Recruitment - 102Waifus **

*We are a very chill, laid back guild looking to add 3-4 people to our ranks. We are always x5 every season and fully clear AI each season. We seek people who are active daily and contributing daily and weekly*

**About Us**

Name: 102Waifus 

Server: Global

Members: 26/30

Rank: top 500/x5 Mystics every season

**What We Offer:**

- 24/7 Buffs

- Help with Expeditions

- AI cleared multiple times

- Active Discord w/ Guild War reports, discussions about e7 and other games

- Hero and Team building help

- We always x5 each season

- Theorycrafting for PvP


-Be Actively playing e7

- Contribute daily and do weekly 

- no Arena rank required (we casuals now)

- Join Discord (not required but encouraged)

- Participation in Guild Wars and doing Weekly Missions is mandatory

**Where We Go From Here:**

If you wish to apply, join the Discord and @ me or @ me at KingPepega#3284 with your IGN and profile. We look forward to hearing from you and enjoying the upcoming content.

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/556152153073385494/1201945701047873567/1440X3200_en_1703676742136.jpg?ex=65cbaa2a&is=65b9352a&hm=6f40c40a6c16406ce6d 3e79139c4c107d1d70348bca850e5f5cca0d0054e7cef&

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102Waifus Global Needs You

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