Custom Mystic should contain all ML units
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General Discussion

Custom Mystic should contain all ML units [4]

The game is five years old, why are we time gating mystic summons in a "Custom" banner? I'll die on the hill that time gated mystics when the unit is possible to be randomly summoned is just dumb. Even in terms of business, why would you not want the chance someone buys a pack to get a missing unit via custom mystics?

Especially at this stage of the game, I feel someone is more likely to quit than wait almost a year for the banner to be rerun.

For a game trying to scrounge for money, not having all temptations available to get someone to spend just seems... dumb?  However it's like they are, "Nah I'll hope that in 10 months the player is still playing, hasn't summoned the unit, or stored a pity." I simply cannot see the logic behind this.

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7 upvotes and 7 downvotes... this is Epic Seven indeed, I'll refrain from supporting either side.

So odd that you're getting downvotes for this. There is indeed no reason for them to keep released units out of a custom banner.

Yeah I don't get it either. I have no skin in the game either I have like almost all ML units already. I'm just saying for the general random low emperor and below player. Who cares if someone gets your 3 month old shiny unit?

looks like sg starting to put bot here to downvote anything that admin hates

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Custom Mystic should contain all ML units [4]

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