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커뮤니티 게시판 글상세

Game Maintenance


Game Maintenance

[Update] 2/22 (Thu) Update Content [9]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!


* Please note that for this week, no maintenance will be required, and the update will be applied automatically.

Please see below for more details.


1.Special Side Story, Romantic Getaway Rerun

Ran and Amid have been spending their days together ever since Natalon found peace.

One day, after hearing that they could be rewarded with a token that represented eternal love, they make their way to the Black Bunny Office.

Soon enough, the two hit the road on a journey of a lifetime.....


The Special Side Story, Romantic Getaway will be available again!

■ Schedule

2/22 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 3/7 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

■ Title Screen Change


■ How to Enter

 Clear 10-10. Shrieking Hall in Episode 1


■ Special Side Story, Romantic Getaway Information

[Chapter Opening Schedule]


Chapter Name


Week 1

Excited Steps

2/22 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 3/7 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

Dancing Heart

Week 2

Finding Hope

- After the 2/29 (Thu) Update~ 3/7 (Thu) 02:59 UTC


[ Enhanced Heroes ]




Lead Hero Buff

Lv. 60 / Awakened to 6 / +15 Enhanced Skills

Attack, Health – 30% Increase

Amid, Ran


Attack, Health – 30% Increase

Lucy, Ains, Dingo, Cidd, Choux, Alencia


■ Week 1 Information

[Event Currency]




[Perpetual Pocketwatch]

A watch crafted by a wandering artisan. 

It automatically calibrates to the correct time zone. 

Excited Steps


[Mystic Perfume]
 A perfume made from mysterious ingredients. They say that each person will smell a different, unique fragrance.

Dancing Heart

 The event currency that can be obtained from each chapter is different.

 Story Stages do not provide event currency.


[Enhanced Artifacts]


[Story Stages]

- Story Stages do not require Energy to enter and do not have any battles.

- Story Stages do not provide Event currency.


[Stage Difficulty]

- Players can choose various difficulties on certain stages.

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.

- As the difficulty progresses, the amount of energy needed to play will increase as well as the amount of event currency earned.

- Hell difficulty can be played up to 3 times during the side story period.


■ Memories

- You can receive rewards by exploring the thoughts and emotions of Amid and Ran towards each other, as they embark on their journey, by clearing the story stage.

 - Clearing Stage H. Black Bunny Office will unlock the stage for the first time.

- Hidden stages will open once certain conditions (clear certain stages and memories) have been fulfilled.


■ Main Rewards

[Main Reward]



- Players can receive an illustration after completing each chapter.

- The illustration obtained will be added to [Journal > Art Journal > Side Story > Romantic Getaway].



Common - 4 VI. The Lovers  



- Battle Pet 1 Black Sesame Bunny

[Equipment Set]


■ Exchange

- Players will be able to exchange the event currency, Perpetual Pocketwatch, and Mystic Perfume for items in the Exchange.

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. Unused event currency after that period will then be deleted.


2. Amid & Fan of Light and Dark Limited Summon

In this Drop Rate Up event, meet Amid, the Ice-Elemental Soul Weaver who can greatly increase Combat Readiness of allies by granting Swift Attack.

Players can also obtain the Soul Weaver exclusive Artifact, Fan of Light and Dark, which increases Combat Readiness of the ally with the highest Attack after using a non-attack skill twice and also has a chance to increase Critical Hit Damage.   


2/22 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 3/7 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

3. Ran & Sword of Winter Shadow Drop Rate Up


In this Drop Rate Up meet Ran, an Ice elemental Thief capable of enhancing allies, inflicting Stigma, and decreasing enemy Defense.

Players can also obtain the Thief-exclusive Artifact, Sword of Winter Shadow, which reduces enemies' Soul gain upon using a non-attack skill.  

■ Schedule
 2/22 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 2/29 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

Thank you.

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they should've let the pet bunny keep the scroll on his back. that would be cool.


Thank God. More time to save up for the collab


At least we get 88 gear.

At least we get 88 gear.

Where the heck is my fluffing limited Tamarine i dont give a dam about amid.

I can save up bookmarks at least. 

Ran is so handsome xD <3

Thank God. More time to save up for the collab

Can it get more boring



they should've let the pet bunny keep the scroll on his back. that would be cool.

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