The limited Molas per month is killing the monetary potential of E7.
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The limited Molas per month is killing the monetary potential of E7. [13]

My background playing E7:

I've had three different accounts linked to my google account.

Restored1 / J0YB0Y / Deleted (Current)

I've made it into Legend with all three accounts and have had pretty much have had every unit and have done most PVE.

I've played on and off for around 5 years.

The Molagoras in the beginning were a good thing but at this point, the difference in accounts from players who've played for a while and the newer players has become too much. It's expected because of the amount of time that the older players have put in. However, it's causing newer players to not stick around. 

You can collect characters but they are useless when you cant skill them up. Making only one unit playable after a month is going to make people quit once they realize how long it takes to build a cast of characters to be able to compete and have fun with units they'd like to use. There are over 240 units. Why would you limit the amount of money you can capitalize on to 1 unit per month?

You can increase profits and make more money if the players can skill up unlimited units a month. Dont you think they would spend money buying packs to get everything else they need like catalysts, gold, charms, leifs, gear, etc. Think about it, you guys can be making more money. You need to replace it with something else like stigma. You can even make it so that you can trade stigma for molagoras without limiting it.

Right now, we can only skill up one or two units a month when we are being bombarded with so many units. You guys arent giving any good incentive to spend money. But if players could build unlimited units, then players would spend money trying to build all of them! Especially the newer ones who are willing to spend.   The marketing team needs to think about this .

I love this game and I hope you guys are successful for the next 20 years. I've also spent a good amount of money on this game. But I'm just saying in my humble opinion, the Molagoras need to be replaced with something else we can farm and not be timegated.

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I do agree that it is weird that they did not designed the best monetization line. I played on and off for several years. My feeling is the packs are "too big," which end up making me almost never buy anything. Take the mola as example -- if I see 2 molas for $5, I will very likely buy it "on a whim". However, when I see they asking for $50 for 33 or 21 molas, it feels "too expensive for a game" so I will not buy. Similar things goes with hero summons. Oftentimes I really like a hero but then realized I need like several hundreds of $ to summon the hero, then I immediately give up without a second thought. But if, say, I just need $30 or $50, I will def buy it. Then as time passes by, I will eventually end up spending hundreds and thousands $ -- I know this because I have played other mobile games and it was exactly like this. Small packs after small packs and I ended up spending thousands. But here, no. It's like as if they are trying to prevent me from spending $ on a whim. lol. 

Day 1 player here.

1. Unless you want +15 every hero I think the mola is sufficient.

2. It's by design, they want to sell the mola pack. Business as usual.

Thats my point. The mola pack doesnt make them anything. Its once a month that that pack comes around. I don't buy it, do you? There is no reason to. If they allow players to skill up any number of units, they will make a lot more money with every other pack. Its obvious that a day 1 player would be against it. You're not realizing that this game will die and all your progress gone if they don't change certain things. Money keeps this game going. And the game needs newer players to come in.

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DeletedAh I see what is your argument now. Rather than about the mola scarcity it's more about missed opportunities.

Yea the mola packs only work with the old mola in game income.

I had  felt for so long that there is some kind of tug of war between the dev and the publisher/marketing team. 

sometimes their decision is contradicting each other.

coming from star rail where their monetization is streamlined as fck, now when I see E7 it feel like a mess.

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WalphThank you. Finally someone with some sense. I totally agree, the monetization is screwed. It doesnt have to be the molas, they just need to fix the monetization as a whole. I just threw that idea out there because it made sense for me. I understand not everyone would be happy with that. I was just thinking about it objectively.

Dude, early 1st year of e7 the mola was worse, and they give a lot hundreds of free mola after some mola system changes

With ur statement i dont believe u are 5 years player xD

Or you are just another crappy player that could only complain, from my pov you are just a crybaby

Current mola per week already good enough unless u intend to max +15 unit every week.. which is weird to me as 5 years player

No ones complaining. Im just explaining how they can make more money. Read it again, you're projecting your own personality. You're just afraid of newer people coming in and becoming better than you in a shorter amount of time probably. Its obvious and logical that progress would be much harder at the start. I was there, I remember. But as the game progresses and the account strength difference between older and newer players grow they need to curb it so that the newer players have a more even playing field.

I had everything, all but 2 MLs built. I never needed molas at the time because I was an old player like you, im not complaining about it. I just see a problem that needs fixing for the newer players coming in and the health of the future of the game.

You're the probably the type that reads the title of an article and thinks he understands everything without even reading it.  Its not about that.

The writer of this post has deleted it.

Why not use your real account? Why so spineless? 

It took me a second to realize who you are. I knew I saw your name somewhere. Not this one, your main account. I didnt realize you were this much of a pu$sy. Lol. The people in the guild are cool but you have no class. You're just the type of person to have 4 accounts to downvote someone you disagree with and comment with one of your fake accounts. Petty as hell too, the kind of person to hold grudges. I knew I saw that name before. I wont post it because I have more honor than that. Lmao. 

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DeletedLol he delete it. I think dimred also know who he is rl.

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WalphLol, not him. Its someone else.. he knows who he his. He kicked me out of his guild right after I wrote this and he found out my previous names. We used to go back and forth on stove. I just forgot that was his name. I quit for a while a couple of times since then and restarted. I remember all you guys as well from this site unironically. We used to argue and or agree with things like who needs buffs, etc, stupid $hit.

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Walphoh no Im late, I wonder who he is

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