Limited Molas is killing the game.
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Limited Molas is killing the game.

My background playing E7:

I've had three different accounts linked to my google account.

Restored1 / J0YB0Y / Deleted (Current)

I've made it into Legend with all three accounts and have had pretty much have had every unit and have done most PVE.

I've played on and off for around 5 years.

The Molagoras in the beginning were a good thing but at this point, the difference in accounts from players who've played for a while and the newer players has become too much. It's expected because of the amount of time that the older players have put in. However, it's causing newer players to not stick around. 

You can collect characters but they are useless when you cant skill them up. Making only one unit playable after a month is going to make people quit once they realize how long it takes to build a cast of characters to be able to compete and have fun with units they'd like to use. There are so many units that are needed to be built, you can hardly get around to the units you want to build. And by the time you build a unit you like it most likely have fallen out of the meta because another unit has come along to replace it.

If players were able to use the all characters they spent resources and money on to use, they would most likely stick around. But since molagoras are time gated you need to wait about a month to use one character. What's the point of getting 3, 4, or 5 new characters in a month when you can't even upgrade their skills to use them?

You need to replace it with something else like stigma. You can even make it so that you can trade stigma for molagoras sp its unlimited.

It might have been okay a few years ago because everyone was on the same footing but now all the new players are not going to want to stick around. If you think about it, why would anyone want to buy packs for characters they can't even use? It will just dissuade them from buying packs.

You can increase profits and make more money if the players can skill up unlimited units a month. Dont you think they would spend money buying packs to get everything else they need like catalysts, gold, charms, leifs, gear, etc. Think about it, you guys can be making more money.

Right now, we can only skill up one or two units a month when we are being bombarded by so many units. You guys are making it so that people have no reason to spend any money. But if players could build unlimited units, then players would spend money trying to build all of them! Especially the newer ones who are willing to spend. The marketing team needs to think about this.

I love this game and I hope you guys are successful for the next 20 years. I've also spent a good amount of money on this game. But I'm just saying in my humble opinion, the Molagoras need to be replaced with something else we can farm and not be timegated

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