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Eff Res

They needed a way to make units who didn't build Eff land debuffs on units who didn't build ER, so they gave ER a 100% handicap vs Eff.
It was one of the ways to do it, it's what they chose and there's nothing wrong with it.
Ok but well since this was the debuff system they chose to go with, the next logical thing to do would be to set a contermeasure for this handicap - a contermeasure that would make sure units who DO specialize into ER can not only easily resist debuffs from a unit with no Eff but also be on fair terms against units who specialize into Eff.
The solution was a no-brainer, but instead they went with 15%, which makes no ******* sense given the system they set and it's everything but fair - for both sides. 200%Eff just to have a 0%ER Adin resist you. On the other hand, 200%ER just to have it ignored, or beaten by an attacker who put the exact same 200% effort into Eff, leaving you reliant on 15% all the same.
And even if you just want to resist 0%Eff units you have to go all the way to 100%Res and that takes a lot of effort for most units.

Now, the solution to all of this was pretty obvious given the debuff system they chose and should have been implemented on game launch. It doesn't take a genius to realise that if you're giving ER a 100% handicap to ensure 0%Eff > 0%ER, then it's only obvious ER should scale FASTER than Eff to ensure specialization into ER can easily beat 0%Eff and have a fairer chance agaisnt specialization into Eff. It doesn't even have to scale that much faster, but it simply makes no sense to make it grow at the same rate as it's counter stat when it has a 100% handicap.

The suggestion:
- Res set -> 35%Res
- lv.88/90 Res ring -> 80%Res
- Units whose kit screams ER specialist should have some form of passive ER like MB Dom, Elvira, and Maid Chloe
- With this changes, you could get rid of 15% in RTA or rework it and I don't think anyone could complain - units who are supposed to resist would have a chance to.

- Imagine 2 units and the changes above.
The first has Res set, Res ring, and lets say 20% passive ER. The second has Eff set and Eff ring. Let's ignore gear subs since they grow at the same rate.
In this scenario, they both put the same effort into ER/Eff, but the first unit still has a 50% handicap. Do you know what that means? It means it can go either way. Since they put the same effort, the attacker has a 50% chance to debuff and the defender has a 50% chance to resist. I call that Fairness.

Thank you for reading.

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