Epic Seven 2000-Day Anniversary Celebration Gift
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Closed Events

Epic Seven 2000-Day Anniversary Celebration Gift [22]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel.

We extend heartfelt thanks to all our dedicated players who have been with Epic Seven for 2,000 days!

For our devoted players who have stood by us for so long, we have prepared a special surprise gift!
Please see below for more details.

We are committed to working even harder so that we can celebrate our 3,000th day with you, our valued players. Please continue to stay with us on this journey through Orbis.  

■ Epic Seven 2000-Day Anniversary Celebration Gift

1. Schedule: 2/18 (Sun) 15:00 ~ 2/25 (Sun) 14:59 UTC

2. Eligible Heirs: All Heirs

3. Details: During the event period, special login rewards will be delivered to all the Heirs visiting Orbis!

4. Reward

 Please Note

- The participation reward will only be sent the first time.

- The login reward will be sent to your mailbox and it has a storage period of 7 days. Please make sure to claim it before it expires.

- If you are already logged in when the reward distribution begins, please re-login to the game or move to the lobby in order to receive the login reward.

- Rewards that have not been claimed from your mailbox within the designated period will be removed and cannot be provided after the storage period expires.


Thank you.

Post 22
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Reminds me of Genshin Impact 3 years anniversary reward

We're all going to get a lot less rewards from ancient inheritance, but I'm betting that's what you wanted.

Thank you for these freebies, but aren't these underwhelming for the game's 2000th day celebration?

How about u enable people to get heroes from the banners without having to spend all resources every time? All the last 3 or 4 banners I got the hero from pity, the last 100 summons I did got me nothing Better than 4*. Not to mention that I play for at least 2 years in this acc and still have tons of Rgb heroes to get, I have like 5 ml and 3 of the are from events. Never got lulucar, never got Lethe, never got the fire vamp that I don’t even know the name. U mess with the rates depending how much one play the game x how much money one spends and that’s very clear at this point. The more money I spend the less I receive bc u want us to keep spending. Also bs to receive one single usable piece of equipment. Is about to go down like nexus. We will get you sg. 

Well said. I also feel the same.

Every time they update the game the summon rate keep getting worse. 

We as player notice this changes.

2000 days and content still not received updates like world boss. 


2000 Days and still no Luna Figure for sale so i can give you guys money.


How epic it would be to see not 200 but all 2000 energy in the mailbox

A por el día 10.000!! con Epic Seven siempre <3

il n'y a aucun effort après tant d'anniversaires et de cadeaux moche ils auraient pu nous offrir 8 pierres d'or ou un ticket sélecteur de héros 5 nat élémentaire ou faire un évènement agricole pour gagner un Ml 5 étoiles quoi... . 

2000 Days, and still no ML Tamarinne. SG you are truly a fallen company. Not giving her love or attention she deserves. Pathetic. 

Ml Luna serait mieux...

You must be so fun to be around <3


I've been logging into this game since the day it was released every day. I mean, come to think of it.

should have made it 400 energy, that way 20 leafs (1600 energy) + 400 raw energy = 2000 energy for 2000 day anniversary

missed opportunity sg..............missed opportunity

2000 days and Luna still don't get anything.

l a m e

How epic it would be to see not 200 but all 2000 energy in the mailbox. 

Seven epic 💥

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