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General News

[GM] Epic Seven Board Game Production and Shipping Delay Compensation [7]

Hello, Heirs! This is GM Dominiel!


As previously announced, we acknowledge that the delay of the Epic Seven board game, 'Epic Seven: Arise,' has resulted in disappointment and a sense of loss among our Heirs.    

We sincerely apologize for this and plan to provide compensation for the delay.


■ Epic Seven Board Game "Epic Seven: Arise"  Production and Shipping Delay Compensation
 To proceed with compensation distribution,  personal information collection will be conducted for Heirs who have purchased the Epic Seven board game, 'Epic Seven: Arise.'

- Eligible Heirs: All Heirs who have purchased the Core/Deluxe/All-in Pledge of the Epic Seven board game.

- Compensation based on the purchased product: 





Core Pledge

3,000 Skystone

Delux Pledge

3,800 Skystone

All-in Pledge

6,000 Skystone

- Distribution schedule: Within 2 weeks of the end of the personal information collection

If you have purchased the product multiple times, delayed compensation will be provided based on the type and quantity of the purchased product.

  e.g.) If you have purchased both the Epic Seven Core Pledge and Epic Seven All-in Pledge, you will receive compensation of 3,000 Skystone for the Core Pledge and 6,000 Skystone for the All-in Pledge.


- Distribution method: After collecting the personal information for compensation, the rewards will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.
※To proceed with the compensation process for the Core/Deluxe/All-in Pledge, please provide the order number, purchaser's name, email used for the order, shipping address, purchased item, and in-game information.
※ Log in to the GameFound website(

- Personal Information Registration Schedule: 2/16 (Fri) ~ 2/27 (Tue) 14:59 UTC

▶ Enter Personal Information


Please Note
- The compensation for the board game funding participants will be provided once per account, regardless of the server, to eligible participants        

- If you are unable to provide information during the personal information input period, resulting in an inability to receive compensation, kindly submit an inquiry through the [Customer Center 1:1 Inquiry]. 

 Once again,
 we sincerely apologize for the extended wait and any inconvenience caused to all Heirs due to the production delay of the Epic Seven board game, <Epic Seven: Arise>.  

We will do our best to ensure that the compensation is delivered as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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I've tried numerous times to reach out to Farside games to update my address through their various different channels. Via email on fb messages even on Kickstarter and gamefound and I never receive any response.

Where is the update and the compensation. Seriously, are you sure you and the boardgame company aren't the same? Because zero updates and information.

so when and where is my compensation for having to recieve these awful lumps of plastic?

Yeah, I laughed when I saw the figurines in my box. So bad. But if you look closely at all the games that review channels on youtube got to advertise the game, those figurines look so detailed and well done.

Will there be a chance to order the game in the future? Seem's like i missed it on Kickstarter :'(

with the amount of problems and delays i doub it . 

You might be able to find it in a rogue hobby shop at some point, but about the only thing going for it is the minis and even those didn't turn out great for everyone. The game is kinda unplayable out of the box without tweaking the rules and the content is full of errors. When I play it with others, I basically throw out the story cards and explain what's going on from memory. It's that bad. I have to basically be the DM too and decide what rules apply to the situation when it's not explained in the rulebook. That happens through most of the game.

If that still sounds fun to you, I hope you find a copy for cheap.

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